12 Best FM2+ CPU 2024 – Enhanced Gaming Experience

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Finding the best FM2+ CPU can sometimes be stressful, especially if you haven’t prepared yourself for it. It would help if you refrained from going behind a weak processor regardless of which device you’re purchasing a system for.

Best Choice
Advance micro device AMD Athlon X4 870K Black Edition with Thermal Solution 3.9 4 Socket FM2+...
Second Best
AMD Quad-Core A8-Series APU A8-6600K with Radeon HD 8570D (AD660KWOHLBOX
Don't Miss
AMD AD740KYBJABOX A6-7400K Dual-Core 3.5 GHz Socket FM2+ Desktop Processor Radeon R5 Series
Also Consider
Advance micro device AMD Athlon X4 870K Black Edition with Thermal Solution 3.9 4 Socket FM2+...
AMD Quad-Core A8-Series APU A8-6600K with Radeon HD 8570D (AD660KWOHLBOX
AMD AD740KYBJABOX A6-7400K Dual-Core 3.5 GHz Socket FM2+ Desktop Processor Radeon R5 Series
Best Choice
Advance micro device AMD Athlon X4 870K Black Edition with Thermal Solution 3.9 4 Socket FM2+...
Advance micro device AMD Athlon X4 870K Black Edition with Thermal Solution 3.9 4 Socket FM2+...
Second Best
AMD Quad-Core A8-Series APU A8-6600K with Radeon HD 8570D (AD660KWOHLBOX
AMD Quad-Core A8-Series APU A8-6600K with Radeon HD 8570D (AD660KWOHLBOX
Don't Miss
AMD AD740KYBJABOX A6-7400K Dual-Core 3.5 GHz Socket FM2+ Desktop Processor Radeon R5 Series
AMD AD740KYBJABOX A6-7400K Dual-Core 3.5 GHz Socket FM2+ Desktop Processor Radeon R5 Series
Also Consider

The best FM2+ CPU is aimed at enhancing your gaming experience. Whenever you set out to purchase a CPU, you will need to consider some small details that will eventually prove to be helpful in the long run.

These CPUs will play an important role in offering protection to your pockets. You won’t have to worry about spending a fortune because it will help ease a lot of things. It is time to upgrade the CPU components and bring changes that will help you.

Comparison Table:

Before proceeding to the buying guide for the best FM2+ CPU, let us look at the best devices.

Top Best FM2+ CPU

Are you in search of the best FM2+ CPU? It plays a vital role in enhancing compatibility, and you will need to consider different factors, especially the sockets. Finding the best FM2+ CPU can be a tough choice, but it will eventually be helpful in the long run.

Some of the best FM2+ CPUs that can use in the long run include the following:

1. AMD Athlon X4 870K Black Edition

AMD Athlon X4 870K Black Edition


The AMD Athlon X4 870K features a sticker with an Athlon sticker, chip, and boxes. With this, you will be able to overclock the CPU to get enough cooling if your device gets heated.

The CPU features an FM2+ socket with four logical and physical cores. The CPU has DDR3 RAM that comes with a maximum frequency of 2133 MHz which will eventually help offer the second level 4MB cache.

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If you want to use this CPU for gaming with 3D graphics, this device can easily process it for you. This is one of the strongest CPUs to use from the gaming perspective, and it is slightly faster than other processors and has an exceptional overclocking facility.

If you are running out of budget, you can consider relying on this CPU. You might have difficulty finding something within this price range because other devices are expensive. It is a budget-friendly CPU with socket compatibility and an overclocking feature, which further allows an increase in base frequency compared to other CPUs.

Key Features

  • Excellent for gaming.
  • FM2+ socket compatibility.
  • Increase base frequency.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Strong processor.

2. AMD A8-6600K APU

AMD A8-6600K APU


AMD’s A8-6600K Accelerated Processing Unit or APU is one of the best options if you want technology at affordable rates. This is popular for offering some of the best graphics. However, before choosing this, you may need to do some research on your own.

If you are playing a game in dual graphics mode, AMD A8-6600K can be an effective medium for winning titles. Nonetheless, one problem you may have to face is slowing down the gaming model to ensure that you get the best performance from the device. Many recommend that it is better to get a CPU that does not have any graphics embedded. Nonetheless, it may prevent you from playing games, so you need to decide on your own.

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The chip is made using the 32nm process and helps in integrating two modules with four CPU cores. The CPU cores have been clocked from 3.9 to 4.2 GHz. Furthermore, it sports Radeon HD 8750D graphics and a DDR3-1866 memory controller.

Overclocking the unlocked multiplier is no tough task. Therefore, if you are just a beginner, you can easily start using this device without risks. Nonetheless, if you want some extra features, you may consider optimizing it, especially if you want it to function in Turbo mode.

The CPU cores are built using the Piledriver, which ensures exceptional performance. If you need a CPU that can help you in your day-to-day tasks, you should consider getting your hands on this CPU. However, it is advisable to use a suitable graphics card to derive maximum and optimal performance.

Key features

  • Four core counts.
  • 4MB L2 cache.
  • Integrated Graphics.
  • High-speed processor.
  • It features a max turbo frequency of around 4.2 GHz.

3. AMD A10-Series A10-7850K

AMD A10-Series A10-7850K


AMD A10-Series 7850K is an affordable and reliable CPU. If you need a CPU that can take up a medium load and manage the temperature, you can rely on this. The CPU will play an important role in ensuring easy gaming, and this CPU will not be a reliable option for high-load games.

If you love playing smooth gaming, you need to choose this CPU because it provides great graphics. Furthermore, the CPU has great power efficiency and better performance than its previous generation. Compared to the previous models, this CPU has brought about significant changes.

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AMD A-10 7850K can prove to be an efficient model for daily work such as office work, web design, and more. Furthermore, buyers will also get the flexibility to upgrade the model’s processor to prevent system malfunction. The CPU is bound to provide you with a wide range of visual experiences.

The CPU features quad-core functioning but is not comparable to a dual-core Intel CPU. Considering the high-quality performance of the CPU, the availability of the system is slightly tough. Nonetheless, the processor also features longevity. If you don’t want your CPU to heat up easily, you may consider avoiding it.

Key Features

  • The CPU has a high-quality performance.
  • Comparatively, it features better power efficiency.
  • It sports a better base clock.
  • It has around eight graphic cores.
  • The CPU features AMD Free-sync technology.

4. AMD A6-7400K

AMD A6-7400K


Whether you need a CPU for your daily-purpose or fast gaming, you can always rely on AMD A6-7400K. This fast-speed CPU is mostly reliable for its overclocking features, and the CPU features great performance.

Even when the CPU is set for medium settings, it can easily support 60 FPS at 1080p. Temperature can be slightly tough to manage, which is why you may need to purchase a good-quality aftermarket cooler. If you are into intense gaming, you may not benefit from using a stock cooler. Moreover, a stock cooler is slightly louder.

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AMD A6-7400K features a quad-core that can support easy multi-tasking performance. The system’s speed can reach up to 3.9 GHz in no time. However, the system’s speed also depends on GPU performance.

If you have this device, you can easily play games in no time because it supports multi-tasking across the four cores. Nonetheless, you may face problems like that of AMD because it features single-core performance. Unlike other CPUs, this system does not feature any integrated graphics.

Key Features

  • This CPU is good for high-level gaming.
  • The CPU features fast performance.
  • If you want to indulge in multi-tasking, this may be one of the best CPUs.
  • The CPU has around two cores and 6 computing cores.
  • The frequency of the CPU can range from 3.5 GHz to 3.9 GHz.

5. AMD A6-6400K Richland

AMD A6-6400K Richland


If you have a limited budget and want a light-performance CPU, you should rely on AMD A6-6400K Richland. The CPU supports a dual-core processor that easily runs two apps at once. Furthermore, it features a 3.9 GHz to 4.1 GHz speed. The presence of a 1MB L3 cache will allow you to transfer the large files easily in no time.

The graphics card is integrated within the CPU, and therefore, you don’t need to get your hands on it. It also features DDR3 RAM. As a result, you can also expect high-quality graphics along with high-speed. Within a fraction of minutes, you will have the flexibility to relocate the large documents.

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If you are a web surfer and casual gamer, this CPU may be the best choice for you. Furthermore, it will also allow you to conduct video streaming easily, and the 32nm Richland technology can prove extremely beneficial.

As a result, you will generate a lot of energy without giving in a lot of power. Furthermore, it uses the 65W TDF to help save a lot of cash.

Key features

  • The core speed of the CPU ranges from 3.9 GHz to 4.1 GHz.
  • It functions on 32nm Richland 65W.
  • The CPU has a thermal design power of 65W.
  • The maximum operating temperature of the CPU is around 70°C.
  • The graphics card is integrated with DDR3 technology.

6. AMD A10-7700K

AMD A10-7700K

Although slightly old, this CPU model happens to be one of the best FM2+ CPUs even in today’s time. Inclusive of the Kaveri lineup, this CPU is considered the second-fastest model within the desktop.

This features a quad-core processor with four core functions and two steamroller modules like most CPUs. The clock speed is around 3.4 GHz, whereas the turbo speed is around 3.8 GHz, one of the best models with speed at this rate.

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Considering the device’s speed, you can easily run four apps at a time. Since it has a 4MB L2 cache, you can easily transfer files in less than a minute. Ten computing cores make it one of the most efficient processors for this budget. The CPU features a DDR3 2133 MHz memory.

With the presence of this RAM, you can easily get high-quality images in no time. You can easily make it fun on this CPU no matter what game you want. The high-tech feature of the CPU will allow you to stream and play video games using this CPU easily.

Unlike the other CPUs, this one features a heterogeneous architecture system integrated into it. This will allow your CPU to work efficiently and in a responsive manner.

Key features

  • The CPU features ten computing cores (4 CPU cores and 6 GPU cores).
  • The CPU has a base frequency of 3.4 GHz.
  • The boost frequency of the system is around 3.8 GHz.
  • It supports the DDR3 2133 MHz memory.
  • The L2 cache memory of the device ranges to 4 MB.

Buying Guide


When you’re buying the best FM2+ CPU, you will need to consider a wide range of factors. It is necessary to weigh down the factors accordingly to get the benefits. Some of the common things to consider while choosing the FM2+ CPU include the following:

1. Socket

The type of socket helps to determine the smoothness of the device. If you want your system to function efficiently and smoothly, you must focus on the socket types. It is advisable to get Richland FM2 sockets to contribute to an optimal speed.

2. Multi-tasking and multi-threading

Multi-tasking and multi-threading

It is advisable to check if the CPU supports multi-tasking and multi-threading. This will only be beneficial if you are planning to upgrade the core system or multi-task with your COU.

Comparatively, the multi-CPU core can easily take up a lot of workloads to prevent congestion. The dual-core chip will allow the users to easily run the system, whereas the quad-core functionality will contribute to multiple uses without glitches.

3. It doesn’t heat up

If your system heats up too soon, it is no good. As per the rule, the CPU should not heat up, but if the temperature moves over the higher level, you will need to cool it down. Therefore, you may need to install an additional cooling system.

Before buying a CPU, you should check the reviews to determine how easily the processor heats up. Furthermore, you should also check if the system has any cooling system. Moreover, many processor fans have a lot of noise, so you should get the newer ones. The new processors do not produce a lot of noise.

4. Adequate graphic card

Adequate graphic card

Does the CPU have a graphic card? You need to check it. The availability of graphics cards will contribute to the crisp visual impact and a better gaming experience.

You need to consider the compatibility of the system before buying one. Furthermore, it is also advisable to check if you can upgrade the system or not. If the CPU processor is upgradeable, it will help you determine that it will keep functioning over the coming years.

5. Quality

Although the price does not matter, it is always advisable to consider the quality. Depending on the quality, you will determine the best price. You should be ready to accept that the best quality often comes at a higher price.

Final Thoughts

You will not experience the best performance of your computer if you do not have a high-functioning CPU. It is necessary to consider the render performance without compromising on the quality.

Several budget CPUs can be beneficial for you and are enriched with features such as Turbo speed, clock speed, and more. Therefore, it is advisable to consider the performance of the CPU before purchasing one.


1. What is the best FM2+ CPU?

Choosing the best FM2+ CPU is a tough task. It is necessary to understand that finding the best CPU is all about preferences. The price and features are important factors to consider. If the hardware is old, the price will be higher. However, if you have a flexible budget, you can opt for a newer version.

2. Are FM2 and FM2+ the same?

No. One of the most confusing aspects is that FM2 and FM2+ are similar. FM2+ is the upgraded socket, whereas FM2 is the older version. Each of these sockets has unique pin versions that you need to identify. You can consider checking each factor to get the best benefits.

3. Will FM2+ be compatible with AM3+?

These devices aren’t compatible. This is mostly because every socket is different and has a varied pin count that you will need to follow. CPU and motherboards should have the same configuration. This will play an important role in determining the compatibility of the system. Moreover, if they aren’t compatible, you will not connect them.

AMD A8-6500 Richland 4.1GHz Socket FM2 65W Quad-Core Desktop Processor AMD Radeon HD AD6500OKHLBOX
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  • AMD Turbo Core 3.0. Base clock is 3.5 GHz and Turbo is 4.1 GHz
  • Dual Graphics Support
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