Best DDR3 Motherboards of 2024 – 5 Gaming Reviews and Buying Guide

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You should get the best DDR3 motherboards for your computer if it is running slow, or if you intend to build one from scratch. Upgrade your machine with DDR3 and have a good time. How can you decide which model or brand is right for you, when there are so many models and brands to choose from?

If you look at our detailed review, you can learn what your motherboard needs. A gaming computer’s performance is largely determined by the GPU, CPU, and RAM (Random Access Memory). In terms of different factors you must consider these days, it’s of course important to keep your hard drive’s speed in mind as well.

ASUS M5A78L-M Motherboard
ASUS M5A78L-M Motherboard
  • Brand: ASUS
  • CPU Socket: Socket AM3+
  • RAM: DDR3
MSI A68HM-E33 V2 Motherboard
MSI A68HM-E33 V2 Motherboard
  • Brand: MSI
  • CPU Socket: Socket FM2+
  • RAM: DDR3
Intel Desktop Motherboard
Intel Desktop Motherboard
  • Brand: Intel
  • CPU Socket: LGA 1151
  • RAM: DDR3

Futhermore, for optimal gaming performance, you should buy a good and high-performing RAM kit that’s adequate in size and memory speed. You will struggle to keep up a steady frame rate when playing games without enough RAM.

In addition, the speed of RAM has a significant impact on the performance of Ryzen processors. If your RAM is too slow – or you don’t have enough RAM – then your system will not handle games well regardless of the CPU or GPU. Our guide was born out of that need. 

The following article reviews the most popular DDR3 RAM kits we have tested for ourselves.  Obviously, the type of memory you use is important, so if you have an old PC with DDR3 memory sticks rather than DDR4 memory modules, then this guide is for you.

Top 5 our tested the Best DDR3 Motherboards

  • Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P Motherboard
  • ASUS M5A78L-M Motherboard
  • MSI A68HM-E33 V2 Motherboard
  • ASUS Micro B85M-G ATX DDR3 Motherboard
  • Intel BOXDH77KC LGA 1155 Intel Motherboard

You can choose from the best DDR3 motherboard with RAM options in Regardless if your system is doing well or not when RAM is at a premium, any of these PC3 12800 compatible DIMM modules will massively improve your system performance.

We have emphasized RAM modules using DDR 3 memory, rather than the more prevalent DDR 4 modules found in recent hardware upgrades.  Products with proven performance from reputable manufacturers. You need not look elsewhere if this form factor that is a motherboard is required for your PC.

1. Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P Motherboard – BEST AM4 DDR3 MOTHERBOARD

Best DDR3 MotherboardsWhen it comes to computer parts, Gigabyte is better known for its wide range of GPU options than its motherboards. A ddr3 motherboard kit of good quality should also have this frequency. Gigabyte motherboards are becoming as popular as the popular Gaming OC lineup of Asus. AMD and Intel motherboards from Gigabyte are as solid as those from ASUS.

Gigabyte’s AM3+ AMD DDR3 1333 78LMT- USB3 Motherboard offers high performance and an equally solid platform. The innovative high-sustainable technology of Gigabyte provides surprisingly fast data transfer. Using a best ddr3 amd motherboard with an AMD 760-G chipset will allow you to use AMD AM3 45nm or Athlon II processors on the LMT 78 USB3 motherboard.

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In addition, the AMD Hybrid CrossFireX option supports the PCI Express 2.0 interface and the integrated DDR3 memory controller. In contrast, the 78LMT-USB3 is designed to facilitate easy computing. As much energy and power as possible can be saved by the device while achieving optimum efficiency. Excessive humidity can be dangerous for your motherboard circuits.

As a result of reducing gaps between PCB filaments that occur due to extreme humidity concentrations, Gigabyte Glass fabric architecture provides electrical short circuit protection. Over and over again, Gigabyte proved its worth. Visually, it delivers the best experience. Anyone looking for decent graphics should check it out. Best Graphics Card for AMD FX 6300


Brand: Gigabyte | Processor: AMD Athlon | Memory: 32GB | Chipset: AMD 970 | Graphics Card Interface: PCI, PCI-E | Form Factor: ATX

  • The BIOS system is intuitive.
  • The structure has a durable design.
  • Is made up of 240 DDR3 1333 pins
  • With 0 graphics and 3.0 technology
  • This package includes a SATA cable
  • Electrical short-circuits are avoided with their glass fabric architecture.
  • DDR3 Motherboard is extremely cost-effective.
  •  Due to USB 3.0 potential device you may face  device identification issues

Bottom line

This is one of the Best DDR3 Motherboards featuring AMD DDR3 1333 and AM3 + Gigabyte architecture. As a superb quality motherboard, it delivers great performance with its features such as HD videos, 3D games, and memory power without the need for an extra energy system.

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2. ASUS M5A78L-M Motherboard – Best Asus DDR3 Motherboard

Best Asus DDR3 MotherboardIn our list we have also included “ASUS M5A78L-M”, which I have been searching for many years. New computer components can be installed without fear of incompatibility issues with the drivers. Game motherboards don’t come more adaptable than this one. The system supports AMD AM3+ 100 Series Processors and can run a CPU up to 125 watts.

In addition, it includes 32GB thick solid board buffered capacity, perfect for mid-tower cases. Motherboards such as the ASUS M5A78L-M Plus offer solid performance without breaking the bank. The gaming motherboard market is fierce, but PC gamers who want a strong, reliable performance with a low- to mid-range construction will find this the best match since it complements low- to mid-range PC constructions.

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The motherboard has four PCI slots, four memory slots, four 2.0 USB slots, easy link USB 3.0 ports, as well as four DDR3 RAM slots. Designed for game networks, it is a good online networking system that is unique.

Our list of the Best DDR3 Motherboards is topped by this product due to highly positive customer feedback regarding its performance. Despite a few users complaining that Windows 10 does not have official support, this motherboard performs better than the majority of others in its category.

As a matter of fact, users are quite fond of it.  Even today, this motherboard still meets our standards of reliability and future proofness, despite its launch in 2016. Upon analyzing user feedback, it seems to be a capable enough solution to handle complex modern-day tasks. These features are all available at a competitive price, making it a good choice.

The ability of your computer to run any modern application without any lags or spikes is ensured when you have this motherboard at your disposal. Its energy-saving mechanism allows the user to conserve energy and reduce radiation at the same time, meaning that it is a convenient purchase.


Brand: ASUS | Series: M5A78L-M PLUS/USB 3 | Memory: 32GB | Chipset: AMD 760G | Form Factor: ATX

  • Supports AMD’s AM3+ CPU
  • Core Unlocker unlocks your true potential
  • With low EMI, radiation is reduced by 50%
  • With anti-surge capability, a risk-free system
  • Enhancing energy efficiency with the ASUS EPU system
  • Supports only USB 2
  • Microsoft does not officially support Windows 10
  • I find North Bridge’s heatsink quite disturbing

Bottom Line

Simply stated, if you are looking for a product that prioritizes customer needs, you have found the right place. This product allows you to not only enjoy a risk-free environment, but also a seamless experience with modern applications that slow your computer significantly. It works well on gaming PCs, as I have tested it myself.

3. MSI A68HM-E33 V2 Motherboard – Best Micro ATX Motherboard

Best Micro ATX MotherboardAMD’s A68HM version 2 is supported by the 7721-206R socket. You can add up to 32GB of RAM storage using the 2x DDR3 2133(OC)/1866/1600/1333 DIMM slots. This RAM boosts performance and provides stability. It offers you top-quality pictures and maximum resolution by integrating dual graphics into your PC. Two USB 3.0 ports and four USB 2.0 ports are on the rear side of this FM2+ socket, giving it a high performance with maximum output to the devices connected to it on either the front or the rear.

The motherboard supports the Realtek ALC887 codec audio output system that gives gamers an amazing audio output quality. There have been many exceptional success stories among AMD A68H APU 7000 series motherboards, including the MSI A68HM-E33 and the MSI A68HM-P33. The AMD FM2+A68H motherboard is highly reliable, increasing its quality and attracting customers.

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In addition, it comes at an incredibly affordable price. This article was reviewed using different components that are highly recommended. These components are CPU, GPU, RAM, VIDEO CARD, AUDIO CARD, CHIPSET, STORAGE, AND DESIGN. The 32GB DDR3 RAM on this DDr3 motherboard was provided by AMD. The system contains two RAM slots on each side. There are six USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, and four SATA III 6Gb/s ports on this MSI A68HM DDR3 Motherboard.

As a result, the motherboard is best suited for DDR3 memory technology. Designed for high performance, the Micro-ATX motherboard supports DDR3 and supports Micro-ATX. A68HM-E33 Version 2 optimizes Microsoft Windows 8 for 64-bit systems. There are several versions of the product as well as a range of functionalities. With the DDR3 Motherboard, you can achieve 100% compatibility with your hardware. Motherboard AMD FM2+ A68HM is presented with the best attractive design, which makes the buyer buy this particular product.

Furthermore, the product offers features that are authentic and suited to customer needs, such as high-performance PCs and general components such as 16 3.0. re-discussed here. This Motherboard AMD FM2+ A68HM is presented with the best attractive design, which forces the buyers to purchase this product of Motherboard. A socket FM2 + 95 W / FM2 100 W CPU is used in this product.

AMD socket FM2 is used in this motherboard A68HM-E33. A system with 2331MHz, 2 DDR3 slots, and maximum-type DDR3 memory. The AMD CPU will also be available on the same socket. Maximum memory is 32 GB with 2 DDR3 slots. There are probably fewer diversification options available than in the biggest Motherboard.

Moreover, MSI A68HM-E33 V2 should include pertinent information about all ATX cases. This device has a USB 3.0 connection, which we discussed earlier. The slots that are retrogradely recognizable with USB 2.0 can also be used with USB 3.0. The USB 3.0 slot is conceptually capable of handling transfer speeds up to 5 Gbit/s.

It is even 10 times faster than USB 2.0’s maximum speed of 480 Mbit/s. There are 4 USB2 ports. There are no slots on this Motherboard A68HM-E33 V2, but there are two USB 3.0 ports. It has no slots. The unique cooling effects of this Motherboard A68HM -E33 are impressive.

It contributes to improving energy efficiency and power savings. Dual dynamics, cool core technology, independent dynamic core technology, AMD wideband frequency control, and temperature control points can all work together automatically to throttle CPU speed depending on the best ddr3 processor ratio By minimizing heat and maximizing cooling, the Motherboard maintains better energy efficiency. By optimizing the heat and cooling, this Best DDR3 Motherboard delivers superior efficiency.


Brand: MSI | Processor: AMD A-Series, AMD Athlon | Memory: 32GB | Chipset: AMD A68H | Graphics Card Interface: PCI, PCI-E | Form Factor: Micro – ATX

  • Speedy Boots
  • Support for better mice
  • Protect your USB devices
  • Live Update 6 Gives You Peace of Mind
  • Bios Click 4 Friendly
  • There is no USB 3.0 onboard There is no support for Crossfire SLI support is not available

Bottom line

 The reason I recommended it was because it has a built-in HDMI that is used for the video to be output to an external display with the highest resolutions supporting 4096 x 2160, 1920 x 1200, as well as a built-in VGA port. This product supports 1866, 1600, and 1333 MHz. You can also read How to Enable Motherboard HDMI?

4. ASUS Micro B85M-G ATX DDR3 Motherboard – Best Budget DDR3 Motherboard 

Best Budget DDR3 Motherboard A number of brands address electronic components and laptops that compete with ASUS motherboards, but only ASUS is the name of the brand. The company has continually introduced affordable and reliable goods to attract customers. Users of a Micro ATX B85 will enjoy 5X security. With an integrated chipset and 4 DIMM slots, you can install up to 32 GB of DDR3 1600 MHz memory.

Additionally, it features all-round safety to keep you safe. There are four SATA III connectors and two SATA II connectors per optical disc, SSD, and hard drive.   A dedicated graphics card resides in the one PCIe 3.0*16 slots. Using DVI-D, HDMI, and VGA ports, the Motherboard is capable of controlling up to three monitors at once. By using the HDMI port, users can achieve 4K resolution.

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Furthermore, it has an iControl network feature that assists with bandwidth management in real-time networks. In addition to this, a fan Xpert is available in it with a CPU fan control and an integrated case. In the USB storage area, a free crash BIOS 3 can be used to restore the damaged BIOS information. We recommend the following budget boards if you’re looking for the best. This product has the most features for its price range.

With ASUS you can get the best quality 1150 motherboard for your dream PC thanks to its 5X protection. ASUS* 5X protection also enhances the reliability and durability of the motherboard.  This ASUS motherboard supports amazingly fast speeds for the Universal Storage Bus (USB). Unlike the classic and traditional 3.0 USB, this USB transfers data 170 percent faster.

Using the network management software I control, I control the real-time bandwidth of the network. With the Ai Suite 3 availability, ASUS’ unique features are easy to access from one place. On this Best DDR3 Motherboard, there is a single slot for both Mini PCIe and Mini SATA.

This means you can use them simultaneously. Fan Xpert technology from ASUS controls all the case’s fan controls on this amazing and extremely affordable motherboard.


Brand: ASUS | Memory Speed: 1600 MHz | Memory: 32GB | Chipset: B85M-G | Graphics Card Interface: Integrated | Form Factor: ATX

  • That’s great to deal with people who are budget-conscious.
  • Asus gives users high user security with 5X protection.
  • In terms of performance, good
  • The overall efficiency is good
  • An aesthetic of hard quality
  • A great deal of expansion potential
  • Slots with multiple options
  • There is no recording of temperature

Bottom line

As a whole, Asus consistently produces high-quality products with a nice combination of colors. ASUS provides several great products in black and yellow colors that look great when seen through the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and other electronic components below.

5. Intel BOXDH77KC LGA 1155 Intel Motherboard – Best DDR3 Intel Motherboard

Best DDR3 MotherboardThis Intel Desktop Board supports the Core i5, Core i7, and other Intel Processors based upon the Intel H77 Express Chipset and supports 2 and 3 generation Intel Core Processors. HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI-I/II ports are all included on this motherboard.

For processors that come with Intel HD Graphics, it supports dual independent displays as well. Combined with Intel HD Graphics, the Universal software lets the system fully utilize both low power and low temperature. With both 3rd and 2nd generation Intel Core processors and the 3-D graphics cards integrated into this motherboard, it offers top-of-the-line media processing features.

Although, the Intel Desktop Motherboard is WHQL-certified for Windows 7. As well as Intel Turbo Boost, it also supports Intel Hyper-Threading. Optimal DIMM compatibility is guaranteed with its 1.2V to 1.8V memory voltage control. In addition, it features dual-channel DDR3 1600/1333/1066 MHz memory that delivers up to 32 GB/s of bandwidth.

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Additionally, the device has four super-speed USB 3.0 ports, two of which are external and two that are internal. The unit has ten USB 2.0 ports, including four back panel ports and six via internal headers. It comes also with 1 PCI Express 3.0 x 16 graphics slot as well as 3 SATA 3.0GB/s ports. Furthermore, it boasts 1 eSATA 3.0Gbps and 2 SATA 6.0Gbps ports. Additionally, it offers features you’ll surely enjoy.


Brand: Intel | Memory: 32GB DDR3 | Chipset: Intel H77 | Graphics Card Interface: PCI-E | Form Factor: ATX

  • The labeling is clear 
  • Setup instructions that are clear
  • Easy-to-use BIOS
  • RAM slots are obstructed by CPU coolers
  • Graphic cards may block rear fan sockets

Bottom line

Lastly, the Intel Desktop Board DH77KC supports dual independent displays for processors with Intel HD Graphics and is equipped with DisplayPort*, HDMI*, and DVI-I connectors. Using Universal software and Intel HD Graphics, the system can simultaneously take advantage of both the low-power, best-in-class media processing abilities of Intel Core processors and the performance advantages of add-in graphics cards.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Best DDR3 Motherboards

Best ddr3 motherboardsIn the absence of a basic understanding of Best DDR3 Motherboard terminology and its components, selecting a motherboard can be quite a challenge. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of using the motherboard you already own is important if you are planning to use it with a DDR3 memory module.

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It might also help you. Depending on the functionality of your motherboards that support ddr3, decide whether to upgrade it or not. The top reviews are chosen for a reason, right? The models in this category are the best on the market. If you’re building a PC from scratch or updating an old gaming PC, DDR3 is your best option. Nonetheless, the following are the main features that make these worthy of our review list. 


Here are a few benefits that a DDR3 motherboard can provide:

  • Performance Improvement

As compared to the older DDR2 motherboards, the newer DDR3 motherboards provide a significant improvement in computer performance. With better architecture, greater memory capacity, and DDR3 RAMS, data can be processed much faster.

  • Memory Capacity

Due to the increased memory capacity of DDR3 motherboards, users are able to perform multiple tasks and play games more efficiently.

  • Clocking Speed

In terms of RAM and processors, DDR3 motherboards have faster clock speeds. With these modifications, the system’s performance and efficiency have improved significantly.

  • Superior Live Streaming

Among our list are processors with the ability to stream live video at high speed. A high rate of data transfer means that buffering and lag are minimized. HD streaming is perfect for these, which is why it is so popular.

  • Operational Frequency Increase

As online gaming and internet surfing require a high-frequency CPU, DDR3 processors must be capable of operating at such a high frequency. The models on our list are more popular due to their high turbo frequency and accelerated functioning. 

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Meanwhile, you must know of the following disadvantage of a DDR3 motherboard

  • Comparison of costs

The price of DDR3 motherboards is considerably higher than that of its predecessors. A DDR3-compatible motherboard and DDR3-compatible RAM are the only components required for this model, so upgrading would be costly.

Buying guide for the best DDR3 motherboard:

Consider the number of RAM slots your system has, the RAM modules you currently own, and whether you will need to upgrade further in the future. You can prevent having to remove modules in the future to make space for larger modules by determining how many RAM modules you can install in total and choosing your modules accordingly.

  • RAM Capacity And Clock Speed

As measured in gigabytes, memory capacity refers to the amount of data that can be stored on a stick of memory at any one time. To run efficiently, a system must have a decent capacity. RAM deficiency will result in sluggish performance and a difficulty parallelizing workflows. A system with 16-32GB RAM is recommended if you need a system that will support intense multitasking.

Moreover, Memory clock speeds are measured in megahertz and determine how often stored data can be accessed per second. Ram with a faster performance ensures quick loading times and easy booting of the computer. If you’re building a DDR3 system, we recommend no less than 1600Mhz. Most modern games should run smoothly with this, although RAM-heavy titles may need a mild overclock to smooth out kinks.

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Picking the biggest, fastest stick of RAM isn’t as straightforward as finding the smallest. The main thing you need to figure out is what your motherboard and CPU are capable of. If your motherboard only supports, say, 8GB of 1400MHz RAM, then throwing in a 1600MHz stick is not a big deal; it won’t break it. Nevertheless, it won’t be able to utilize the surplus and will proceed according to its own capacity. As a result, you’ll have wasted money on RAM that’s not being used.

  • Heat Spreaders

The top of your RAM is covered with heat spreaders. They are responsible for transporting heat from the PCB to the outer edges of the stick, where it can be expelled by your cooling system. Materials play a huge role in the efficiency of a heat spreader, but generally speaking, the larger they are, the better they are at reducing temperature. As a result, larger RAM can create spatial issues, which brings us to the next point.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does a DDR3 motherboard work well for gaming?

A high-end gaming computer with DDR3 memory will still be a respectable gaming rig in 2024. The Core i7-4770K and 4790K are decent gaming processors, even if they can’t quite keep up with modern CPUs. You should upgrade your graphics card from 2014 to something more current!

  • In 2024, will DDR3 still be relevant?

In most cases, the DDR4 RAM is better, although most motherboards use DDR4 ram today. However, if you still have an intel cpu and 16GB of ddr3 memory you should be fine. It is time to consider upgrading if you have an AMD fx chip, for example the 8350. Despite the fact that it is sufficient on the one hand, most computers will be using DDR4 ram in 2020.

  • All DDR3 RAM compatible with all motherboards?

Definitely. In conjunction with both RAM modules, the slower stick will clock down to match the faster one as long as both are supported by the motherboard. Thanks to 8 GB of memory, you can do anything. If you match the memory types with the slots, you should not have too much concern about your motherboard breaking.

  • Does DDR3 still exist as a motherboard?

CPUs and motherboards no longer support DDR3 RAM, which is now obsolete. DDR3 is generally only supported by LGA1150 motherboards, as well as Haswell processors, for example. Taking the 4000 series to the next level.

  • Does it matter which RAM brand you use?

Is it possible to mix different RAM brands? I would answer this question in short: yes. Even if the RAM is of different brands, speeds, or sizes, you can theoretically get it to work on your system; however, you may encounter some issues. Depending on the setup & workload, you may not even notice a difference in performance.

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Using this guide, you will be able to find the best DDR3 Motherboard with its best advantages and disadvantages. A motherboard should be able to demonstrate the PC, CPU, and its components’ proper functioning. Therefore, your choice of Motherboard is critical to your PC’s. It may not be as sexy to talk about the Best DDR3 Motherboard as graphics cards or processors, but their importance is just as great as other PC parts. 

However, by using this list as your next build first, you will become more familiar with the best motherboards out there, also along with their advantages and disadvantages. Mainboards are available in a wide variety of form factors, most commonly ATX and Micro ATX. 

In spite of the fact that almost all of the products we recommended would do equally well with each other, if we had to choose one, then it would be ASUS MICRO ATX DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 MOTHERBOARD B85M-G. Your favorite features are provided for you. You will find this commodity to be an ideal commodity if you are on a low budget. 


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