Best Mouse Bungee for Gaming in 2024

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Getting new, more efficient and trendy products is high time in 2024. The new generation of PC accessories can enhance the experience of using a computer to make it easier and more enjoyable. A mouse bungee, for example, eliminates many of the problems associated with a wired mouse and allows you to move the cursor far more easily. In order to enjoy enhanced mouse movements, you can use a Mouse Bungee to secure the wire of the mouse. It is usually made of plastic or metal. If you want an organized setup and want to avoid cables tangled up, a mouse bungee is a great investment. 

As you now know what is a Mouse Bungee, you might also be wondering whether it’s worth it? How can it benefit you? Gaming enthusiasts who use wired mice extensively use mouse bungees. Gaming enthusiasts gain an edge by using mouse bungees to attach the cable and make the cursor move smoothly. By attaching a mouse bungee to a wired mouse, it appears to be a wireless one. Cables can move without any friction when the bungee is attached. This mouse bungee features a rubber guiding arm that allows the cursor to move more accurately and smoothly. Additionally, it can make your setup look cleaner and more professional. 

Having learned about mouse bungees and why you ought to purchase one, you probably are considering which one to purchase. It can be difficult to decide which Mouse Bungee to buy because there are so many types and styles available. Don’t worry, though; in this article, you’ll find all the information you need to make an informed buying decision regarding the best Mouse Bungee for gaming 2022

I’m looking forward to getting started as soon as possible. As the best Mouse Bungee for gaming, we selected the following seven products:

Best Mouse Bungee for Gaming at a Glance:

  1. Best Gaming Mouse Bungee – Meco Mouse Bungee
  2. Best Value Mouse Bungee – Abell Mouse Bungee
  3. Best Premium Mouse Bungee – Cougar Gaming Bunker
  4. Best Overall Mouse Bungee – Enhance Mouse Bungee
  5. Best Enthusiast Mouse Bungee – BenQ Zowie Camade
  6. Best Flagship Mouse Bungee – Cooler Master Storm Skorpion
  7. Best Budget Mouse Bungee – Razer Mouse Bungee

The Best Mouse Bungee for Gaming You Can Buy Today

1. Meco Mouse Bungee – Best Gaming Mouse Bungee

Best Gaming Mouse BungeeThis is a great option if your budget is limited. Metal and plastic are used to make it, and its design is simple. It weighs approximately 0.34 pounds, slightly more than the standard weight. The adhesive pads are included. By using the adhesive pads, the bungee will be more stable and secure.

Despite its simplicity and low price, the Meco Mouse Bungee can handle all the tasks it should be able to handle. You can choose between six different colors of Meco Mouse Bungee, so you can choose the one that best suits your style. The variety of colors offered by a cheap bungee is rare. In addition, it has reflective surfaces on the front of its body, but this is just for aesthetic purposes. Despite its cheap price, it is easily available in the market.

By itself, it is a huge plus. Meco Mouse Bungee is a great choice for anyone looking for a Best Mouse Bungee for gaming that is inexpensive. The device is inexpensive, but it’s totally capable of what it’s supposed to do. If, however, you don’t expect a product to last you five or six years, you would be satisfied with it as long as you don’t expect it to be very durable.


Brand: Meco | Dimensions: 6.69 x 3.94 x 0.79 inches | Color: White | Material: Plastic, Metal | Weight: 5.6 ounces

  • Low-cost
  • Six color options
  • Durable but less effective
  • Build quality is poor

2. Abell Mouse Bungee – Best Value Mouse Bungee

Best Value Mouse BungeeIn terms of quality, the Abell Mouse Bungee is better than the Meco Mouse Bungee, but it is also slightly more expensive. The mouse bungee is widely known throughout the industry. Due to its silicone and stainless steel construction, it is rugged and durable. Additionally, it comes in three different variants. Each has a black body, however, one has red clip color as opposed to the other.

People prefer the white variant. With it, you can place a mouse cord in a cavity and then tie it up to the upper cord holder.

 Mouse cords can be adjusted in height with this cord holder. This upper cord holder allows you to decrease or increase the height of the mouse cord. Consequently, the cord can be raised or lowered to meet the user’s needs.

It enables you to move your cursor without getting tangled up in cables while holding the mouse cord efficiently. A flexible extension allows you to pull the cord to its limits without damaging it. Despite being an affordable mouse bungee, the Abell Mouse Bungee isn’t as stable as other mouse bungees. The cost of this will not be worth it since no one wants slipping bungees. To handle aggressive mouse movements, mouse bungees must be stable and have a solid base grip. The mouse bungee is a bit less stable than other mice, but it still works fine. Games that don’t require many aggressive movements can be played on it.


Brand: Hotline Games | Dimensions: 7.48 x 3.78 x 3.46 inches | Color: Black | Material: xBlack | Weight: xBlack

  • Long-lasting
  • An excellent build
  • Bungees in this price range aren’t as stable as others

3. Cougar Gaming Bunker – Best Premium Mouse Bungee

Best Premium Mouse BungeeOne of the most durable and stable mouse bungees on the market, the Cougar Gaming Bunker is sturdy and durable. The lightweight design makes it convenient to carry. You won’t have to take up much desk space with this Bunker due to its circular base. Cursor movement is enhanced and smooth thanks to a flexible cable mount.

In addition to having a flexible cord groove, the Cougar Gaming Bunker also allows the user to move the mouse freely without worrying about the cord getting entangled. In addition, it includes a vacuum suction pad, giving it superior stability. Consequently, it is a superior gaming bunker. When playing intense games, the Bunker stays firmly in place with its vacuum suction pad.

The pad keeps the base firmly anchored on your desk so you can enjoy the best gaming experience. This suction pad is unique to this mouse bungee, which isn’t mentioned anywhere else in the article. In addition to being the best gaming bunker for gamers, the Cougar Gaming Bunker is also available for anyone to buy. This Best Mouse Bungee for gaming is ideal for those who want something that is portable, lightweight, and won’t slip. It is compatible with most mice, but mice with thick cables cannot be used with it.


Brand: Cougar Gaming | Dimentions: 6 x 4.3 x 3.3 inches | Color: Black | Material: Plastic | Weight: 3 Ounces

  • It’s portable
  • Long-lasting
  • Suction pad provides enhanced stability
  • This product cannot be used with thick cables

4. Enhance Mouse Bungee – Best Overall Mouse Bungee

Best Overall Mouse BungeeEnhance Mouse Bungee is an attractive and trendy option. Despite the similarities to this design, Bunker looks like a futuristic teleporter. LED lights illuminate the room. You can choose from green, red, or blue LEDs to match the set-up for your gaming setup with this Mouse Bungee.

The cable is suspended firmly by a silicone arm, allowing the cursor to move smoothly. Flash drives cannot be read by USB ports, but they are good for charging devices. Three rubber pads prevent the device from slipping. A USB hub can be made of this enhanced mouse bungee, since it has four USB 2.0 ports. The mouse bungee has two parts on the front and two on either side. You can charge your device and connect multiple peripherals with these ports.

Due to this additional feature, it is very attractive since it works as a USB port and mouse bungee. Extra features are always appreciated by consumers. Its built quality is however very poor. The product feels flimsy and light. The Enhanced Mouse Bungee will be less stable due to this. The bunker is more stable. For those who prefer to match their setup’s lighting effects with their mouse bungee, this is still a great option. Additionally, it has an additional USB port so you can charge your smartphone while playing games. Another advantage of the Enhanced Mouse Bungee is its trendy futuristic design.


Brand: Enhance | Dimentions: ‎5.25 x 4.62 x 4.62 inches | Color: Black | Material: xBlack | Weight: ‎7 ounces

  • LEDs of various colors
  • Access to four USB ports
  • Appealing to the eye
  • Poor build quality
  • Flash drives cannot be read by USB ports

5. BenQ Zowie Camade – Best Enthusiast Mouse Bungee

Best Enthusiast Mouse BungeeIt is not known that BenQ makes mouse bungees, but the company recently bought Zowie, a company known for the production of peripherals. Consequently, now all Zowie products are branded with BenQ’s name, hence BenQ Zowie Camade. Mouse bungees like this one are among the best options available. The mouse moves more smoothly due to the enhanced mobility it provides.

Designed as a mobile one-piece mouse bungee, the Zowie Camade is lightweight and low-profile. The cord can be adjusted to the optimal height according to the user’s preference through a unique and adjustable spring. This cord has a premium construction that ensures its strength and stability. As a result of its solid design, users can move the mouse freely without any interference. Furthermore, BenQ Zowie Camade is equipped with rubber feet to ensure durability during intense gaming sessions.

Despite its excellent performance, consumers are hesitant to purchase BenQ Zowie Camade because of its high price. While the price isn’t outrageous, many people feel that it is excessively high because it doesn’t include extra features, unlike other bungees.

 BenQ Zowie is a great option if you’re willing to spend money on a gaming mouse based on its solid grip and flexible spring.


Brand: BenQ | Dimensions: 4.72 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches | Color: Black | Material: Rubber | Weight: ‎8.6 ounces

  • Spring that can be adjusted.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • For only a mouse bungee, it is expensive.

6. Cooler Master Storm SkorpionBest Flagship Mouse Bungee

Best Flagship Mouse BungeeThree rubber legs define the design of the Cooler Master Storm Skorpion. Scorpion looks good with its three rubber legs. Users can position the rubber mouse cord however they like. It also has an adaptive grip groove that, regardless of how thick or thin the mouse cable is, can be used with the product.

A sturdy rubber bottom attaches it to your desk and gives it a stable grip. The iron core further improves its stability and solidity. As well as this, the legs of the mouse bungee can be disassembled, meaning you can easily carry it with you. The price of this bungee, however, prevents many people from purchasing it.

There are cheaper alternatives available on the market, so it is not clear why everyone would pay such a large amount for a mouse bungee. Furthermore, this best mouse bungee’s gaudy design may not appeal to everyone. If you’re in the market for a strong, stable, solid, and portable mouse bungee, this is a great option, even if it does cost more than usual.


Brand: Cooler Master | Dimensions: 5.9 x 5.12 x 3.35 inches | Color: Black | Material: Iron core, Plastic body, Rubber arms, and feet | Weight: ‎12 ounces

  • A solid build with a steel core
  • Maintainable
  • Detachable legs make it portable
  • Pricey.
  • Design isn’t to everyone’s taste.

7. Razer Mouse BungeeBest Budget Mouse Bungee

Best Budget Mouse BungeeWith a minimalist design, the Razer Mouse Bungee is easy to use. The black exterior has a glossy finish that makes it very attractive. Its minimal design makes it popular, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks anything in its functionality. Cords can be controlled up to 3.2 millimeters without dragging. The Mouse Bungee’s raised spring arm and rust-resistant construction keep the mouse cable from tangles and drags, resulting in smoother mouse movement and enhanced gaming performance.

With its weighted base, Razer Mouse Bungee provides stability. Furthermore, it is equipped with anti-slip feet, so it remains stable even when the mouse movements become intense. Because of its small footprint, it also takes up less desk space. Razer Mouse Bungee’s only drawback is that its clip is made of hard plastic, which probably will not fit thicker cables.

When buying Razer Mouse Bungee, keep this in mind. This is nonetheless a great choice thanks to its minimalist design and additional features, such as raised springs, a small base, and anti-slip feet. Durability, stability, and attractive design make this an excellent choice. Excellent addition to any gaming setup, it greatly enhances the user’s gaming experience. If you need a reliable product at an affordable price, Razor Mouse bungees are a great choice.


Brand: Razer | Dimensions: 3.94 x 3.94 x 7.87 inches | Color: Black | Material: Rubber | Weight: 6.4 ounces

  • The spring arm is rust-resistant
  • Design with an aesthetic appeal
  • Foot pads that prevent slipping
  • A weighed-base
  • Thick cables may not be compatible.


Best Mouse Bungee for gaming can be found on the market in a range of designs and prices. These are the top seven mouse bungees available. It is sturdy and durable, so I would prefer the Cougar Gaming Bunker. This mouse bungee does what it says it does. Vacuum suction pads give the Bunker outstanding stability, which is essential for hard gaming. The best mouse bungee comes from Cougar Gaming Bunker. It’s important to remember that you can select from any of the above mouse bungees depending on your needs and budget. For a bungee that costs less than $10, you can choose the Meco Mouse Bungee; for a bungee that costs a bit more, you can choose the Abell Mouse Bungee.

Although it comes with a sturdy body of good quality, there is no stability in it. When you want a mouse bungee that’s stable and durable, Cougar Gaming Bunker is the one you need. Enhance mouse bungee is the best option if you want LED lights and USB ports. BenQ Zowie Camade is a great device if you appreciate its design and capabilities. You can choose from a variety of options depending on your budget and what you need. If you like designs that are unique, you can consider Cooler Master Storm Skorpion. The mouse bungee looks trendy, but it is also very sturdy.

If you want a neat and simple-looking mouse bungee, the Razer Mouse Bungee is another great option. While choosing between bungees, keep the pros and cons in mind. Hopefully this information will help you make an informed choice. With this new feature, you can now choose the mouse bungee that best meets your needs. Take action now. Enhance your gaming experience today by investing in a mouse bungee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Mouse Bungee is the best?

Among gaming cord cable control systems, the Razor mouse bungee V2 gaming cord is the best. The mouse bungee is another great product from Razor, which is known for making top-quality products. For 20 dollars, you get it.

Are mouse bungees used by Pros?

Definitely! Despite this, mouse bungees are preferred by professionals as they help hold the mouse cable, which allows the cursor’s movement to be consistent. Pro players often use them in LAN tournaments because they give them an edge in gaming.

What are the benefits of Mouse Bungees?

Absolutely! If you invest a little bit in it, you will be able to manage the cable of your mouse much easier. In addition, your cursor movements will significantly improve.

 In gaming, the mouse is an integral part of your computer. It is a wise purchase, especially if you are an avid gamer. While gaming, tangled wires can become a hindrance. Hence, this is an investment worth making.

How does Tfue use his Mouse Bungee?

Fortnite player Tfue plays professionally. Fortnite players who have played for FaZe Clan rate him as one of the top players. Most of the players in the esports use BenQ Zowie Combat. Prices range between 34 and 35 dollars.