Best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 5 3600 in 2024

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The best CPU cooler for Ryzen 5 3600 can be found here if you are looking for one!

Every individual who is highly dependent on technology should pay attention to the discussion about having the most powerful PC.

If you haven’t bothered with a good CPU cooler, are you even normal? Occasionally, our CPU temperatures just rise above the normal boundaries, soaring until the CPU goes out. Because of that, today we are going to discuss the top Best CPU coolers for Ryzen 5 3600. 

Ryzen was chosen because of the fact that hyperthreading causes the CPU to be stressed by 25% more compared to Intel.


Noctua NH-L12s

Noctua NH-L12s


  • Brand: Noctua
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Noise Level: 23.9 dB

Corsair Hydro Series H100i

Corsair Hydro Series H100i


  • Brand: Corsair
  • Cooling Method: Water
  • Noise Level: 37 dB




  • Brand: EVGA
  • Cooling Method: Water
  • Noise Level: 39.5.9 dB

The fact that the CPU is a bit old doesn’t mean it’s not important to have something pre-installed. Even though Ryzen 5 3600 works well by today’s standards, many people still use it. As a result of using Zen 2 architecture along with multithreading, the processor must run at a decent temperature, hence the need for the best CPU cooler for Ryzen 5 3600. Further, you can find the Best Ryzen 5 3600 CPU Coolers on this page for every processor type.

During the next session we will be reviewing products. Now that we know the best cooler for Ryzen 5 3600, let’s get started.

Quick Shopping Tips for Best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 5 3600:

These factors should be taken into account when choosing the best CPU Cooler for Ryzen 5 3600. 

Compatibility: The first step in purchasing a cooler is to make sure that it is physically compatible with the processor. You need to get a CPU cooler with an AM4 bracket for AMD Ryzen 5 3600 since it requires an AM4 socket. A lot of the older CPU coolers will not be compatible with AM4 sockets since it is a relatively newer socket. 

Cooling Performance: Higher heat pipe counts are usually associated with better cooling performance, which is why air coolers are more expensive. An air cooler with a dual tower form factor usually features four to six heat pipes. A CPU cooler with the largest radiator and most fans will usually provide better performance, even with radiators as large as 280mm or 360mm; however, if you don’t want to spend that much, then you can choose an AIO cooler with a 120mm or 140mm radiator instead.

Optimization: In order to get the best performance out of an air cooler, make sure your PC case has enough airflow so cold air can enter and hot air can escape. You need to make sure your case can accommodate a radiator when purchasing an AIO liquid cooler, especially when it comes to 280mm or 360mm radiators. 

Acoustic Performance: Your cooling solution will determine the acoustic performance of your setup, as it is the main source of noise. With lower fan speeds, cooling systems are quieter, but their performance is also lower. Acoustic performance is also affected by the size of the fans, and coolers with larger fans have better acoustics. On top of all this, the design of the cooling solution has a significant impact on the noise, and you should compare the noise levels of various cooling solutions individually.

List of 5 Best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 5 3600

  • Scythe Mugen 5 Rev.B
  • Noctua NH-D15
  • Noctua NH-L12s
  • Corsair Hydro Series H100i
  • EVGA CLC 280mm RGB

1. Scythe Mugen 5 Rev.BBest Budget Cooler for Ryzen 5 3600

Best Budget Cooler for Ryzen 5 3600It is true that people want something within their budget, but it is sometimes difficult to find something that meets their expectations. Therefore, we have chosen the best budget cooler for Ryzen 5 3600. Although its name might turn a few people off, its performance is just phenomenal. Though the component has a low price tag, it still performs well. Heat is dispersed more efficiently thanks to the sleek design and the sturdy heatsink. Additionally, the fan is extremely quiet. When you run games at ultra settings, you will not hear any noises. Isn’t that admirable?

There is room for as many RAM modules as possible since the cooler’s height is about 154.5mm. Definitely a plus point.

The only downside is trying to put together an ITX build. It is true that this cooler is not the perfect match for your ITX case, so please keep that in mind when purchasing it.

A simple installation guide is provided with the fan, which is easy to follow. You just need to replace the paste on your processor, add a heat sink above, and presto, you’re done.

In addition, the cooler has incredible speed, which helps reduce high temperatures. Therefore, there is no need to worry. Order now!

  • The airflow is amazing
  • Air pressure that is reasonable
  • It looks aesthetic
  • A step-by-step guide
  • ITX builds are definitely not suitable

2. Noctua NH-D15Best Versatile Cooler for Ryzen 5 3600

Best Versatile Cooler for Ryzen 5 3600There is a legit Noctua fan base. Their pitch has been to pitch unique fan components that have the perfect embodiment of heaven. With Best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 5 3600, the Noctua NH-D15 is the ideal choice since it offers a plethora of nicely laid out features, hence its versatility title. Dual 140mm PWM fans come with a dual tower design for the features. As an explanation, the fan’s design eliminates traditional one-sided formulas for heat dissipation and uses a whole new method of dissipating heat from two sides for efficient results.

Additional benefits include a low noise level of 24.6 dBA. Since there is usually a trade-off when choosing between the two ends, I think the levels are just fine. The fans will be operating passively, so there will be little temperature reduction for a reduced level of noise. By contrast, a high level indicates that the fans are operating in an efficient mode.

In addition, the fan takes up a lot of space, which restricts future upgrades and prevents the installation of RAM modules bigger than 165mm. That’s quite disappointing. It’ll be fine though. Nothing to worry about. Around $115 will set you back, which makes it a bit on the pricey side. I recommend buying it, however, if you are looking for an excellent cooling performance! 

  • Design a double-sided fan
  • Performance by the fans was outstanding
  • Noise that is reasonable
  • Costly

3. Noctua NH-L12sBest low-profile Cooler for Ryzen 5 3600

Best low-profile Cooler for Ryzen 5 3600Since Noctua is on the list of Best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 5 3600 for a second consecutive year, it’s time to celebrate. Among other awards, the product won for being the best low-profile cooler.

Low-profile does not imply that the fan is never heard. Well, that’s not entirely true. Essentially, the fan operates in passive organic mode until the temperature crosses a threshold, when it will begin to make some noise. When that happens, the cooler will begin to spin aggressively. However, I believe it’s fine since it won’t have much effect on you.

Since the cooler is 70mm tall, you can install more RAM modules without sacrificing upgrade space. It should also be noted that the fan measure 120x15mm, which is sufficient to propel air very efficiently. 

Additionally, the Noctua NH-L12s can be used in a wide range of builds thanks to its small size. The fan fits perfectly in an ITX build, which is surprising. That is amazing, isn’t it? Noctua’s NH-L12s is an attractive, well-designed fan that is made of high-quality materials. Because it is compatible with many gaming PC builds, we recommend going with this fan.

  • Factors affecting compatibility with different builds
  • Passive cooling is recommended
  • The fan is small
  • Irritating

4. Corsair Hydro Series H100iBest AIO Liquid Cooler for Ryzen 5 3600

Best AIO Liquid Cooler for Ryzen 5 3600We always recommend liquid coolers because of the high level of features they have. However, they can be accessed by the global audience despite their costs.

The best liquid coolers on the market are made by Corsair, so it is recommended to only consider Corsair coolers. Corsair Hydro Series H100i, one of the most incredible motherboards ever designed, is the subject of our discussion this time.

However, there is one major drawback, and it has to do with spacing (don’t buy it if you have an ITX or micro ATX build). Considering upgrading in the future is impossible due to the humongous size.

In terms of performance, it’s fine. Temperatures decreased by 15 degrees due to the cooler, which is quite a difference. Additionally, you get an amazing cooling system that keeps your CPU cool and calm under high stress. So what are you going to do with this? Order today! 

It is a wonderful entity, we assure you.

  • Exceptional quality
  • A sturdy construction
  • Performance charts that stand out
  • Costly
  • A standard ATX case is required

5. EVGA CLC 280mm RGBBest AIO Cooler for Ryzen 5 3600Best AIO Cooler for Ryzen 5 3600

With this cooler, we’ve reached the end of our list. EVGPerformance and aesthetics are the defining characteristics of the EVGA CLC 280mm RGB in my view.  Even though these coolers are quite expensive, you shouldn’t let that discourage you from buying them.

Certainly, it is a liquid cooler that works best with your Ryzen 5 3600. Although a cooler upgrade within the case might be restricted by its size, it’s still worth a try. As it works round the clock, the temperature reaches 32.86 degrees while idling at 4.6 degrees.

I applaud you for that. I also note that the noise level remains at 29 dBA. Further, the fan spins at 600RPM, which is quite respectable for me. If you’re searching for RGB, looks, and performance, then this is the Best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 5 3600 for you.

  • It was an amazing performance
  • Profiles based on RGB
  • Coolant that’s amazing
  • Costly

Final Words

Choosing the Best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 5 3600 that is functional is an art that is limited to a few people. In order to expand, people need a push, so we wrote a thorough review of the latest offerings in coolers.

If you are looking for performance, I recommend the Noctua NH-D15; if not, you can go for liquid coolers because they provide limited customization and exclusive features. Low-cost coolers may seem like a good idea, but they don’t always perform as expected.

Cheap coolers can shorten your computer’s lifespan. I only would suggest that you choose the CPU cooler that meets all of the criteria for a functional cooler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ryzen 5 3600 need a CPU cooler?

A Ryzen 5 3600 CPU cooler would be helpful. If you don’t overclock it, the stock cooler is adequate for Ryzen 5 3600, and it runs very efficiently with a good cooling system.

Can Ryzen 5 3600 run on a 120mm AIO?

Ryzen 5 3600 can be efficiently run with a stock cooler, thus a 120mm AIO is adequate. In contrast, if you are overclocking Ryzen 5 3600 to 4.4GHz, a 120mm fan won’t make a huge difference.

Is there a cooler included with the Ryzen 5 3600?

Definitely! AMD’s stock cooler for Ryzen 5 3600 is very effective.