7 Best Thermal Paste for PS3 in 2024

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Interested in purchasing a Best Thermal Paste for PS3? Playstation 3, the third home computer entertainment system (gaming console) from Sony Computer Entertainment (Amazon). In November 2006, the PlayStation 3 was released.

With such specs, it is only natural that the entertainment system might experience over-heating issues, and sadly, the PlayStation 3 also experienced such problems. The PlayStation 3 has a Cell Broadband Engine CPU running at 3.2GHz, 256MB of XDR main RAM, 256MB of GDDR3 VRAM, and RSX RAM (Reality Simulator) powered by 500MHz clock speed. Check our top picks :


Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut 60%

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut


  • Brand: Thermal Grizzly
  • Density: 3.7g
  • Noise: 14 dB

Gelid GC-Extreme, 60%

Gelid GC-Extreme


  • Brand: Gelid
  • Density: 3.73g/cm³
  • Noise: 25.4 dB

Prolimatech PK-3 60%

Prolimatech PK-3


  • Brand: Prolimatech
  • Density: 2.7 g/cm³
  • Noise: 29 dB

We assume you are now wondering which Thermal Paste is best for your PlayStation 3? It can be difficult to choose the right thermal paste because there are so many types and brands available. We’re here to help! Check out this list of the best Thermal Paste for the PS3.

Best Thermal Paste for PS3 at a Glance:

  1. Best Overall Thermal Paste for PS3 – Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut
  2. Best Performance Thermal Paste for PS3 – Gelid GC-Extreme
  3. Best Value Thermal Paste for PS3 – Prolimatech PK-3
  4. Best Premium Thermal Paste for PS3 – Phobya Grease Extreme
  5. Best Quality Thermal Paste for PS3 – Arctic Silver 5 AS5
  6. Best Carbon Thermal Paste for PS3 – Arctic MX-4
  7. Best Mid-Range Thermal Paste for PS3 – Cooler Master High-Performance

1. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut – Best Overall Thermal Paste for PS3
Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

The Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is the best thermal paste for PS3 because it is reliable, high-quality, and reasonably priced ceramic thermal grease. As part of this article, we explore the most expensive ceramic paste on the market. There is no doubt that Thermal Grizzly’s products are high-quality, but they are often more expensive than those of competitors. But, does the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste justify spending more than other thermal pastes that are cheaper? Read more about Best Thermal Paste for PS4

When you want the best thermal paste performance without jumping to liquid metal, the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut would be an excellent choice since it can maintain temperatures up to 3°-4° lower than other thermal pastes.

The thermal grizzly Kryonaut ceramic paste and the other ceramic pastes that we will discuss in this article differ in temperature only by a few degrees, but even a few degrees is worth the effort, especially if the room temperature is high or your PlayStation 3 is enclosed. In terms of thermal performance, Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut offers exceptional results, which is why it is the best thermal paste for PS3.


Brand: Thermal Grizzly | Thermal Conductivity: 12.5KW | Density: 3.7g / cm3 | Cooling: All | Noise: 14 dB

  • Applying is easy
  • Reduce the temperature to 240C
  • Effects that last a long time
  • A bit pricey
  • The thermal conductivity is 12.5 W/mk

2. Gelid GC-Extreme – Best Performance Thermal Paste for PS3

Gelid GC-Extreme

When it comes to keeping your hardware’s temperature lower than usual, the Gelid GC-Extreme is an excellent choice. Although the Gelid GC-2 thermal compound performs well at keeping temperatures down, the Gelid GC-Extreme performs even better. With its performance exceeding industry standards, the Gelid GC-Extreme sets the bar high. Because of the viscosity of Gelid GC-Extreme thermal paste, it is easily applied.

GC-Extreme is the best thermal paste for PS3 fat because it comes with a spreader. It makes the thermal paste smooth, shorter, and easier to apply evenly. This small step will help you to achieve much better results if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and spread the thermal paste according to the instructions. With Gelid GC-Extreme thermal paste, you can keep your PlayStation 3’s temperature under control.

Consumers who want good thermal conductivity between the CPU/GPU and the heat sink can consider Gelid GC-Extreme, which is considered to be the best performance thermal paste for PS3. Is it worth the price tag? Of course. Due to its excellent thermal conductivity, it is a great choice for consumers despite being a little more expensive than other thermal pastes. As long as you choose to use Gelid GC-Extreme thermal paste, your PlayStation 3 temperature will remain lower than normal. Thermal paste like Gelid GC-Extreme will help reduce your PlayStation 3’s temperature.


Brand: Gelid | Thermal Conductivity: 8.5W/mk | Density: 3.73g/cm³ | Cooling: Thermal | Noise: 25.4 dB

  • Highest heat conductivity
  • Contains no corrosives or toxic chemicals
  • Suitable for use
  • Expensive
  • Quite tricky to use

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3. Prolimatech PK-3 – Best Value Thermal Paste for PS3
Prolimatech PK-3

Choosing the right thermal paste for our computer systems can be difficult due to the many different types of thermal paste available. There are numerous formulas available, from silicon based to silver based to everything in between. On paper, the Prolimatech PK-3 is the best Value Thermal Paste for PS3 because it has a higher thermal conductivity than its predecessor, the Prolimatech PK-2. Due to its lack of burn-in time, the Prolimatech PK-3 requires prolonged use to maximize results. Thermal compound application is also made easier and simpler by means of a syringe-style applicator.

In addition to the Prolimatech PK-3, this package contains a spreader for evenly applying thermal paste over a component’s entire surface. There is no noticeable thickness or thinness to the Prolimatech PK-3 thermal paste, which simplifies application. It is dependable and does a great job keeping your computer’s temperature constant. Compared to the previous thermal pastes it isn’t as good, but the temperature difference is relatively small. The Prolimatech PK-3 thermal paste is quite evenly distributed, as well as helping to maintain a good contact between the CPU/GPU and the heat sink and also transferring heat quite well. You may also love to read Best 600W Power Supply

With its ability to keep temperatures low, it will certainly perform well. We don’t have to wait for the Prolimatech PK-3 to cure or burn in; therefore, the best results can be obtained right away. Compared to Gelid GC-Extreme thermal paste, Prolimatech PK-3 thermal paste is of better quality. Since PK-3 is a little cheaper than GC-Extreme, we’ll see how much of a difference it makes. While still higher than that of the Gelid GC-Extreme thermal paste, Prolimatech PK-3 thermal paste will be slightly cooler nonetheless. It offers a significant advantage over the Gelid GC-Extreme is the best thermal paste for PS3 in terms of performance, while still being more affordable, which makes the Prolimatech PK-3 thermal paste the right choice for consumers.


Brand: Prolimatech | Thermal Conductivity: 11.2 W/m-°C | Density: 2.7 g/cm³ | Cooling: Thermal | Noise: 29 dB

  • Enhanced thermal conductivity
  • Maintain a stable temperature
  • Results quickly
  • Give generously
  • Not easy to apply
  • Pressure must mount massively

4. Phobya Grease Extreme – Best Premium Thermal Paste for PS3Phobya Grease Extreme

On its packaging, Phobya Grease Extreme says it’s created for extreme users. With one of the best heat conductivities from your computer’s CPU/GPU, Phobya Grease Extreme thermal paste is one of the best choices.

This is the best premium thermal paste for PS3, because it comes with a simple package consisting of the paste along with a spreader, which makes it easy to apply to the chip’s surface. Thermal paste applies easily and spreads well. Compared to the Kryonaut thermal paste from Thermal Grizzly, this thermal paste is quite reliable.

A normal user can also benefit from Phobya Grease Extreme, as it is not just for high-end clients. Thermal pastes such as this have great thermal conductivity and perform well. The temperatures will remain lower than usual. In addition to being quite cheaper than Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste, Phobya Grease Extreme thermal paste still performs well, so it would be a fine choice to use with your PlayStation 3.


Brand: Phobya | Thermal Conductivity: 8.5W/mK | Density: 3.73 g/cm³ | Cooling: Thermal | Noise: 24.6 dB

  • Thermal paste that you can trust
  • Affordability
  • It spreads easily
  • Maintain a low temperature
  • A little-known celebrity
  • There is a high thermal conductivity compared to rivals

5. Arctic Silver 5 AS5 – Best Quality Thermal Paste for PS3

Arctic Silver 5 AS5

Several solid silver particles are added to the Arctic Silver 5, which increases the adhesive’s thermal conductivity. Due to a lack of metal particles in the attachment, the Arctic silver 5 heat attachment does not move fully. Silver particles are used for the PS3’s heatsinks and CP4 to create a hot bridge with high temperatures. Hot adhesives are capable of lowering your PS3’s CPU temperature by up to 12 degrees, making them the best Quality Thermal Paste for PS3.

This hot attachment comes at a budget price and performs well. As a PC builder who makes powerful games like you, our experts recommend Arctic Silver 5. As of 2018, Thermal Grizzly’s Kryonaut hot attachment is the number two choice. This attachment is much cheaper on newer machines such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but more expensive on older ones. It is reported that this hot combination won’t burn and that you can use it for up to ten years, but we recommend changing it every year or at least every two years.Also Read about : Best Intel Processor

My personal experience has been that I have never had a heart problem while using this heat, so that’s why I chose to mention it. Thermal paste stickers with 3.5 grams in diameter can reach 12 to 26 CPU temperature plates. If you use this hot paste once, you won’t need to replace it for the next 8 to 9 years. The Arctic Silver 5 is the best thermal paste for PS3 because of its 8.89 W / mK temperature range.


Brand: Arctic Silver | Thermal Conductivity: 8.7W/mK | Density: 3.5 g/cm³ | Cooling: Thermal | Noise: 20 dB

  • Dispenses and uses easily
  • Thermal paste that is durable
  • Good value for money
  • Temperature should be lowered
  • It’s a pretty small tube
  • Putting in insufficient effort to cool

6. Arctic MX-4 – Best Carbon Thermal Paste for PS3

Arctic MX-4

As a result of its experience in CPU cooling, Arctic MX-4 is the best carbon thermal paste for PS3, as it continuously improves. However, it is still inferior to the other hot compounds listed in this list, even though it offers better performance than Gelid GC-Extreme. You can use this adhesive to cool the PlayStation 3 processor effectively.

As a result of the microcarbon particles in Arctic MX-4, excess heat will be generated and a much lower resistance channel will be created between the processor and the heat dissipating plate. Due to the fact these attachments are entirely made of small carbon particles and contain no metal, Electricity is not an issue with these attachments. It is not necessary to change this hot attachment a second time until 8 years ago once you have installed this hot attachment.

Arctic’s MX-4 thermal adhesive comes in syringe-sized packaging packages, as do those from other hot adhesive manufacturers. Arctic MX-4 syringe is shown in a picture on the right side of the packaging cover, and its strength is described on the left. A hot attachment that offers excellent performance at a very low price might be the best on the market. Hard-working PC users will benefit even more from this paste, experts report. Arctic MX-4 is a budget-friendly hot attachment that comes highly regarded for both its performance and low cost.


Brand: Arctic | Thermal Conductivity: 6.0 W/mK | Density: 3.2 g/cm³ | Cooling: Thermal | Noise: 26 dB

  • Easy application is made possible by the syringe
  • Tubes of paste are plentiful
  • Conductive but not electrical
  • Warranty of six years
  • Instructions not provided
  • Dry quickly

7. Cooler Master High-Performance – Best Mid-Range Thermal Paste for PS3

Cooler Master High-Performance

It may be possible to ground some PlayStation processors, but not all are as compact. The design of the unit determines whether it is easy to cool or not. Thermal attachments are required for greater efficiency on Playstations with higher TDP. What factors do you consider when deciding which PS3 product to buy? Hot attachment reviews will persuade you that this is your final decision.

This is how customers feel about Cooler Master High-Performance. The best mid-range Thermal Paste for PS3 on the market due to its usability and the fact that it provides better usability than any other product they have used. The hot attachment made by Cooler Master is among the best products the company has to offer. It hasn’t much to offer to customers who have previously purchased it. Also Read Best Low Profile CPU Coolers

Cooler Master’s unit is ideal for those who require high performance. You can enhance your cooling system at a great price with Cooler Master Thermal Paste! It incorporates silicone tools! As a result of this flexible environment, Heater Master is the best option for laptop attachments. An excellent product from a brand known for its quality.


Brand: Cooler Master | Thermal Conductivity: 11 W/m-K | Density: 2.37g/cm³ | Cooling: Water | Noise: 32 dB

  • Effects on the long term
  • Cooling is dramatically improved
  • Removes easily
  • Spreading is a bit difficult
  • It comes in a tube with a small amount


As the best Thermal Paste for PS3, you should get the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste if you wish to keep temperatures under control and can afford to do so. Keep your PlayStation 3 cool with the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. You want the thermal paste to perform well to maintain lower temperatures than usual, but you don’t want to waste money or spend more than you can afford. Afterwards, We would recommend the Gelid GC-Extreme thermal paste since it is a bit cheaper than Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste yet still provides excellent performance. You’ll maintain a lower temperature on your PlayStation 3.

If you are looking for an almost identical performance to that found in the Gelid GC-Extreme thermal paste at a slightly cheaper price, then you should consider the Prolimatech PK-3 thermal paste, which comes with almost similar performance but at a slightly cheaper price. Your PlayStation 3 will remain cool with the Prolimatech PK-3. The Phobya Grease Extreme thermal paste is an excellent choice for people looking for a thermal paste with great thermal conductivity and performance at a lower price. In this article, thermal pastes are mentioned that perform close to it as well as being quite affordable. Your PlayStation 3 will stay cool when using Phobya Grease Extreme thermal paste.

Although most units are cool and quiet and do not suffer from such overheating problems, there have been several reports concerning the PlayStation 3. It is possible for PlayStation 3 units to suffer from overheating if they are placed on a hot and humid floor or if they are enclosed in cases that cause the fans to blow hot air out. This can lead to the console suffocating because the fans will push hot air away from the system. In these enclosed cases, however, the hot air cannot disperse in the atmosphere as there are no open spaces for it to do so. This leads to a rise in temperature within the case.

By changing the thermal paste on the PlayStation 3, you can solve the overheating issue. Thermal paste applied to the CPU/GPU has lost its thermal conductivity over time, so heat is not transferred from the CPU/GPU to the heat sink as efficiently as it once did. This makes the heat sink harder to dissipate the heat. Instead of using tape, you can use thermal paste, which will improve the heat transfer from the CPU/GPU to the heat sink, keeping the temperature lower, so overheating won’t happen.


What is the best thermal paste for PS3 2024?

Heat is generated by computer components, and boy is it hot! Your computer might even blow up if you overclock. Using thermal paste is one way to prevent this from happening, and Noctua NT-H1 is the best thermal paste for both normal and ultramodern CPUs.

How does Arctic Silver 5 compare to its predecessors?

Definitely! Thermal pastes with silver compounds are some of the best on the market. Thermal pastes are some of the best cooling products available.

How do I choose the best thermal paste for my laptop?

A thermal paste is generally not necessary on a laptop because it can be difficult to apply. The Noctua NT-H1 is still the best laptop gaming option if you use it as your gaming rig.

How do you choose the best thermal grizzly?

My favorite is the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. Known as the best thermal paste for liquid nitrogen cooling, it is ourfavorite.

What is the recommended frequency of replacing thermal paste?

Normally, you don’t need to reapply thermal paste, but if you remove a cooler, you may need to reapply thermal paste, or if the CPU temperature is high, you may need to reapply thermal paste.