8 Best AM3+ CPUs For 2024

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A leading manufacturer of computer hardware, AMD is known for making high-quality products. In terms of programming requirements, AM3+ has added its name to the top products list. In terms of the best AM3+ CPU for PC installation, you want one that delivers the highest possible speed for your computer. While there are many products on the market that meet your needs, you have to be careful when choosing the CPU for your computer. To enhance your computer’s speed, you can use more than seven different combinations of these to do so. Review guides are a great way to make your computer run at the highest speed possible. Find out more below.

It is equipped with an eight-core processor that runs at 4.2GHz overclocked for high performance. An AMD processor represents the popular overdrive system for eight-core processors. Depending on the power needed for the processor, the system can have four to six cores. The motif prevents overheating of the CPU and ensures that stability is maintained. The virtual application includes specific functions and applications as well as security levels to ensure better performance.

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An additional feature is the fact that the CPU is recessed, which permits air to circulate and prevents the motherboard from being damaged by the heat, or we can say the heat is not excessive enough to damage the motherboard. A 16-bit link allows for a maximum speed of 5600MT/s, which is great for user convenience and generating some content moving moments. It will be a good buy for those who are on the lookout for a PC with well-designed, well-maintained cooling, and high overclocking speeds. A good investment.

8 Best AM3+ CPUs For 2024

  • Best Value am3+ CPU – AMD FX-8350 Black Edition
  • Best Flagship am3+ CPU – AMD FX-8300 Black Edition
  • Best Overall am3+ CPU – AMD FX-4300 Black Edition
  • Best Budget am3+ CPU – AMD FX-4350 Black Edition
  • Best Performance am3+ CPU – AMD FX 8150 Black Edition
  • Best Mid-Range am3+ CPU – AMD Fx 4130 Black Edition
  • Best Choice am3+ CPU – AMD FX-9370 Black Edition
  • Best Superb am3+ CPU – AMD FX-6300 Black Edition

1. AMD FX-8350 Black Edition – Best Value am3+ CPU

Best Value am3+ CPUMultitasking is a breeze with AMD FX-8350, which features the latest manufacturing technology and enriched performance. The FX 8-core black edition has overclocking capabilities, unlike other AMD processors. 4.0/4.2GHz processors with an AM3+ socket are supported. 

With AMD Turbo Core technology, clock speeds can be increased, enhancing performance. The version floats smoothly over heavy applications thanks to its specific instructions.

This processor has many features that make it unrivalled for customers, such as AMD balanced smart cache, which is up to 8MB. By pre-fetching data, almost eight cores are able to share the data queues in a coherent manner. A floating-point accelerator with twinned 128-bit and 256-bit floating points operates each of its bodies separately. This memory has a well-balanced frequency of 1866 MHz and supports even low voltages of 1.35V and 1.2V, and is able to provide performance at 29.9GB/s for DDR3.

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Overclocking speeds are better and performance is better, so the answer to this question is yes. Gaming and professional work customers use it when they are looking for maximum and utmost rates. Most professionals use this processor if they want smooth and direct communication while loading massive amounts of work. Device isolation and user-application security is good. It has their trusted translation technology and access security built-in.


Brand: AMD | Processor: AMD FX/Desktop processor | Memory: DDR3/1866MHz | CPU cores: 8 | Boost clock: 4.2GHz | Total Cache: L1-384KB/L2-8MB/L3-8MB | Power Wattage: 125W

  • Software that runs on multiple cores
  • On the desktop, there are eight cores and a clock speed of 5GHz
  • Compares better with competitors in terms of frame rates
  • Getting to the market a bit late
  • Consumption of more energy
  • TDP maximum is the same as previous products

Bottom line

The CPU has top-of-the-line features and can be adjusted instantly. Processors in the C6 power state are capable of performing a regular cache flush and voltage down of individual cores, which is sufficient to meet the power requirements. With a CC6 power state, there is a separate memory controller power control that allows for a reduction in power requirements. BIOS enablement can be turned on and off using the I/O-based switch. As a result, it provides an impactful performance while being energy-saving.

2. AMD FX-8300 Black EditionBest Flagship am3+ CPU

Best Flagship am3+ CPUOne of the best native AMD processors has 8 cores is the FX-8300 Black Edition. There are built-in designs that provide tunable, dynamic performance. With its multiscaling capabilities, it can run intensive apps in no time without wearing out its CPU. This processor has a virtual configuration with all cores, which is one of many basic processors on the market that can overclock at high speeds. It performs multitasking with accuracy and precision, therefore it is considered a powerful processor.

A 32-nanometer die shrink had been used for this design, which has shortened leakage, resulting in a more efficient process. Thanks to the modified thermal designs, the increased clock rate headroom does not affect the CPU’s performance. When the number of cores increases, the power consumption decreases, which increases performance as well. With its unmatched multitasking performance, it was referred to as the bulldozer for its magnanimous performance. If it is compatible with the computer, then it is the right choice.

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Professionals, gamers, and regular computing staff need a combination of overclocking and efficient performance. This CPU perfectly combines these two characteristics. The processor is protected from damage when using it at stock speeds. The performance was improved smoothly with so much uncertainty as this one is considered a fast but little beast. Despite not being at the top of the list, it is still doing a fantastic job in the users’ market table. Briefly, it is a budget best am3+ CPU with audio-video editing capabilities and profitable gaming features.


Brand: AMD | Processor: AMD/3.2GHz/AM3+ | Memory: DDR3/SDRAM/1866MHz | CPU Cores: 8 | Boost clock: 4.2GHz | Total cache: L1-384KB/L2-8MB/L3-8MB | Power Wattage: 95W

  • Energy-efficient
  • CPU with 8 cores on a budget
  • The maximum temperature is 70.5°C, which is perfectly safe
  • Performance as a whole
  • Debugging is needed
  • Heavy loads are not reliable

Bottom line

It is important to consider the processor’s efficiency. With its good overclocking speed and performance, this CPU is added as a high-speed processor. Eight cores also boost memory performance. A Ryzen or Threadripper upgrade is not necessary, depending on the new setup. The system will have plenty of life left after it is maxed out with this method. A much better processor, with much better specifications, and a dramatically better processor.

3. AMD FX-4300 Black Edition – Best Overall am3+ CPU

Best Overall am3+ CPUBlack Edition AMD FX-4300 with 4 cores designed with an unlocked processor. The next-generation processor technology allows for reaching a new level of performance. During well-known games at astonishing resolutions, the processor achieved a 24% improvement in frame rates. The faster encoding for soft music is found sooner in the system. It is derived from AMD’s aggressive cooling solutions pushing speeds up to 5 GHz.

With speed of 3.80 GHz and AM3+, this quad-core processor comes with 4MB of cache and a speed of 4GHz. Thousands of performance tests stand behind this software, leaving the ultimate results in the hands of its users. With its dual-module and quad-core design, it stands to separate itself from the competition with its speeds and rudimentary overcooking. With a piledriver update with time, this COU is a great alternative to many of the decent budget chips.

It has specific positive characteristics that distinguish it from the competition. It is quite competitive against Intel due to its overclocking speeds improving with goodwill. It offers some of the fastest straight rates in the industry, at 4.2GHz. This best am3+ CPU has good performance in the field, although the speeds are lower than the previous generation. In terms of performance, memory, and overclocking speeds, it holds up well with time.


Brand: AMD | Processor: AMD FX processor | Memory: DDR4/SDRAM/1866MHz | CPU Cores: 4 | Boost clock: 4.0GHz | Total cache: L1-192KB/L2-4MB/L3-4MB | Power Wattage: 95W

  • Straight-line speed of 4.2GHz
  • Cooling solutions that are effective and efficient
  • Next-generation architecture
  • Performance inconsistency
  • Almost the same price as the FX-6300
  • Some products are similar to this one

Bottom line

Other processors were left behind due to some specifications that generated more power. Known for high-quality products and standards that are consistent, AMD is an AMD brand. In order to make the products accessible to users, the prices have been kept at a reasonable level while the specifications have been kept traditional. Among the company’s goals were saving energy under the conditions of high temperatures, compatibility, and boosting performance. 

It is also possible to overclock the cores and threads, and it is earning names in the computing field every day.

4. AMD FX-4350 Black Edition – Best Budget am3+ CPU

Best Budget am3+ CPUAMD FX-4350 Black Edition has a 4.2GHz processor, providing 100% compatibility with AMD FX-4350 Black Edition. AM3+ is the socket, which works well with the processor and does its job well. With the clock speed, the performance is increased and the smoothness of the performance is admired. A 32nm processor is used. thousands of tests have been performed and the application has passed, along with meeting all the audience benchmarks and strengthening the core capabilities of customers.

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The processor’s TDP is set at 125 watts, and a CPU cooler ensures stable temperatures for working hurdles. 

This overclocking is able to maintain a sustained boost rate of 4200MHz. With smooth running and overclocking speeds like a creamy cake, these processors are very popular among customers. For onlookers, they develop a customizable growth program that is prominently displayed on the standing table.

Those professionals and gamers looking for CPUs with a good architecture, high performance rate, and good memory clock are the customers. Those looking for a single spec of the best am3+ CPU with all the major spectacular specs can find them here. You won’t be disappointed with the product if you want to spend your money wisely. A multi-threading performance increases the software’s demands and makes it worth more and more every day.


Brand: AMD | Processor: AMD FX-4350FRHKBOX Quad-core vishera processor | Memory: DDR3/SDRAM/1866MHz | CPU Cores: 4 | Boost clock: 4.4GHz | Total cache: L1-192KB/L2-4MB/L3-8MB | Power Wattage: 125W

  • Heavy-duty stability
  • Performance in multithreading
  • Components are easy to integrate
  • Reduced number of cores
  • The consumption of power is high
  • Performance problems with single threads

Bottom line

This may not be an accurate representation of the launch of the product, but it still reflects the needs of the end user. Due to their increased capacity and precision level, these processors were able to meet hand-to-hand needs. The versatility of their design and manufacturing have enhanced their market value. Nobody wants to waste time or money on the wrong product, so everyone wants to spend their money on the right one that includes the best am3+ CPU and has excellent compatibility with the motherboard.

5. AMD FX 8150 Black Edition – Best Performance am3+ CPU

Best Performance am3+ CPUAMD FX 8150 Black Edition delivers responsive game play. Powered by AMD FX processors, it’s capable of mega-tasking. With it, you can increase performance and boost speed by increasing overclocking capabilities. Bulldozer’s technology features the core communications for the streamlined and unparalleled multi stalking, which is processed with the bulldozer architecture. Thanks to the decent core performance and the Turbo Core technology, the users can run tasks at a high speed and work dynamically.

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Processors are forming AMD overdrives for proper tuning and pushing the performance to the limit. When overclocking, they can ensure that the system remains stable. This processor delivers excellent energy performance due to its 32nm die shrink. In this processor are also the advanced instructions for accelerating some applications, including XOP, AES, FMA4, etc.

The temperature must be maintained while using a processor to avoid side effects. It is equipped with a heatsink and a fan to maintain a constant temperature during operation. Cache data is around 8MB/8MB of size, which is relatively larger, thus improving the performance daily. The performance level of users will be improved as a result of this.


Brand: AMD | Processor: AMD FX processor | Memory: DDR3 | CPU cores: 8 | Boost clock: 4.2GHz | Total cache: L1-384KB/L2-8MB/L3-8MB | Power wattage: 125W

  • Data cached at a larger size
  • With a fan, a heatsink
  • Performance that is consistent and smooth
  • Fight against 2500K
  • BIOS needs to be updated

Bottom line

As part of ROG’s loyalty program, AMD has been listed as one of the top-selling products. The company comes out with the best products. Furthermore, they offer one of thebest am3+ CPUs to suit the needs and budget of the user. Performance, speed, and high-quality memory performance are all made to achieve the best results. 

They have additional specifications of cache data, which means that their users get fast performance.

6. AMD Fx 4130 Black Edition – Best Mid-Range am3+ CPU

Best Mid-Range am3+ CPUIts operating frequency is about 3.8GHz turbo, which immediately raises the overall processing power of AMD FX 4130 Black Edition. The cache data have a capacity of 4MB/4MB, designed with 125W of power. For its proper operation, the 32nm SOI processor uses the AM3+ processor socket that supports a 34-bit architecture. For the unified customization of the users, it has been built with many modern specifications.

Despite its formal price tag, the CPU features the highest core count and thread count. Real-world performance catches up with bench-bursting speed as the design progresses. Over its previous products, a black edition chip has been claimed to provide well defined overclocking speeds. Users have been rewarded with a better cooling system and an increase in performance by 3-9% while paying the same price.

Its clear-cut usage is intended to boost the energy level, while the slight upgrade in the budget is meant to yield a high-ranking performance. The FX line of the best am3+ CPU provided high performance and processing power, which gave them the appearance of a bulldozer. Considering the budget, these chips deliver the maximum performance they can deliver. Whenever a new product is designed, it will feature a better core and quad-core capabilities.


Brand: AMD | Processor: AMD FX processor | Memory: DDR3/SDRAM/1866MHz | CPU Cores: 4 | Boost clock: 3.9GHz | Total cache: L1-1932KB/L2-4MB/L3-4MB | Power wattage: 125W

  • Affordability
  • Overclocking made easy with unlocked processors
  • The majority of mainstreaming tasks can be completed quickly
  • (Slightly) noisy fan
  • Powered by more energy than competitors
  • FX 8350 is a quad-core processor

Bottom line

The AMD processor comes in a four-core version that is pocket-friendly and comes with a budget PC builder that features more upgrade options. In addition to their ability to edit large videos, these processors can also handle time-consuming tasks. These processors can handle large amounts of processing. While it has high power consumption, it still offers the best of the best. Their sterilized customers may now overclock this processor to get the most out of its performance.

7. AMD FX-9370 Black Edition – Best Choice am3+ CPU

Best Choice am3+ CPUThe AMD FX-9370 Black Edition processor offers high performance and high resolutions, making it one of AMD’s most dynamic processor designs. With these processors, gamers and multimedia enthusiasts can expect higher levels of performance. Thanks to the eight cores, these processors run smoothly. This is why users have been increasingly in need of processors.

Furthermore, it comes with multiple reasons for its high demands, including AMD Turbo Core 3.0, which dramatically increases and optimizes performance to a certain level. Hence, it is on the basic requirement of the professionals that it works through intense and aggressive workloads. It is the best am3+ CPU that base speed is 4.4 GHz, and it has eight cores with a maximum turbo speed of 4.7 GHz.

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Although it has a disadvantage that its heatsink has no fan, its demand in the market is not affected by this, since its core speed covers the performance level. There is also a much larger cache of almost 8MB/8MB, which makes the system run faster. These enthusiastic gamers and well-rounded professionals demand nothing less than the best processor, and this model fulfills this need with its well-formed manufacturing capabilities.


Brand: AMD | Processor: AMD FX processor | Memory: 1866MHzDDR3/SDRAM | CPU Cores: 8 | Boost clock: 4.7GHz | Total Cache: L1-384kb/L2-8MB/L3-8MB | Power Wattage: 220W

  • Base speed for all cores
  • The multitasking hero
  • 4.7GHz boost clock speed provides excellent performance
  • Power-hungry consumers
  • Thermals that are out of date
  • Dissipates heat

Bottom line

Gaming motherboards rely on this component to power PC games, as it works with the graphic cards. Computing systems run on this component. For the manufacturers, a quad-core rate and a high performance level are the most important factors. 

In this respect, the design was determined to be the most appropriate. Its customers will be satisfied with the performance of the processor and find it compatible with their motherboards and computers.

8. AMD FX-6300 Black Edition – Best Superb am3+ CPUBest Superb am3+ CPU

In the AMD FX-6300 Black Edition, the clock multiplier has been unlocked for powerful overclocking. This best am3+ CPU is constructed with configurable power, which increases the performance level by one more level. AMD Overdrive is used to draw the performance curve. Performance, efficiency, and low noise are a few of the reasons why it tailors the experience to your needs. Your gaming PC and yourself will both benefit from this reliable process. The best processor available today.

A high-quality product line has been introduced as part of the company’s commitment to world-class projectability. It performs well in the market, competing with some products such as those made by HP, Microsoft, and Samsung Electronics. For almost 40 years silicon-crafting techniques have been integrated into the 8th generation. There is an overdrive frequency of 3.5/4.1 GHz. On the stage, it was all about the six core support technologies. These include boosting speeds and increasing performance.

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Similarly, a product becomes essential once it takes on the role of the entire package. With its high cache data of almost 8MBs, this processor’s speed is enough to make the smooth operation of this computer possible. 

There is something more than enough power in the 95W processor. Ideally, a good processor should include features such as a frequency boost, memory booster, as well as system efficiency. The best-performing processor is used by those who want it to perform better than all others.


Brand: AMD | Processor: AMD FX processor | Memory: DDR3/1866MHz/SDRAM | CPU Cores: 6 | Boost clock: 3.8GHz | Total cache: L1-288KB/L2-8MB/L3-8MB | Power Wattage: 95W

  • Price is great
  • Performance that encompasses everything
  • Works smoothly and stays cool
  • An older version
  • Intel rivals are faster
  • Poor performance on a single core

Bottom line

Using the brand name of an excellent manufacturer, right products always set an example. Using AMD products means you’ll always get quality products. They combine impressive aesthetics with balanced performance. These gaming chops offer many more advantages in price, overclocking, and ranges than general products. They are among the most popular processors on the market due to their excellent overclocking capability and premium performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which of these am3+ processors is the fastest?

Its 8-core processor makes AMD FX-8350 one of the fastest processors available. With AMD’s overdrive system, the processor can overclock its speed from a small difference like 4.0 GHz to 4.2 GHz for high-end applications.

Can am3+ be used with which CPUs?

CPUs that have a large number of cores and threads, as well as a high clock speed, are considered compatible. Such CPUs should be compatible with enthusiasts and PC builders. With more cores and an efficient performance at a very reasonable price, the AMD FX-6300 Black Edition is the best CPU choice for this purpose.

What is the compatibility of Ryzen with am3+?

In addition to Ryzen and the AM4 socket, we will also use a similar socket with the AM3+ socket or another motherboard. With Ryzen, the older boards and sockets will not work with the backward-compatible boards. AMD FX 8150 Black Edition and the MSI B350 Tomahawk Gaming are the best examples of compatibility with AM+.

Where can I find the best am3+ motherboard?

Good motherboards provide the structure of a system with proper functioning. High-quality motherboards determine how your system will perform at your desired level. It must be both a developer and a creator, as well as being efficient and highly effective at tasks. Gigabyte’s 78LMT-USB3 R2 motherboard is one of the best am3+ motherboards and would be a great partner for a processor like AMD’s FX-9370 Black Edition.


When deciding on the best am3+ CPU for a gaming PC or a professional computer system, individual pins must be taken into account. Using this processor, users will not be interrupted when performing multiple tasks, as it performs at the highest level of performance. The manufacturer’s specifications and budget will not upset its users in the manufacturing process. AMD’s products and prices are always well known for their multi-threading capabilities and high core counts. The architecture of these processors is interesting and has many impressive features. In addition to slowing down the processing, the boost core also slows down the overall system.