Best CPUs For GTX 1060 in 2024

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Are you looking for Best CPUs For GTX 1060? There are more and more gamers in this world as we speak. With the release of an HD or VR-ready game every year or month, it is important to have a processor capable of supporting these upgraded versions. To play games effectively, a high-performance CPU is as important as a motherboard, graphics card, and monitor. Most people have heard of NVIDIA’s new GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card – it is one of the best graphics cards to ever be released for gaming. Check our top picks :


Intel Pentium G5400 60%

Intel Pentium G5400


  • Brand: Intel
  • CPU Model: Pentium
  • CPU Socket: LGA 1151

Intel Core i3 8100, 60%

Intel Core i3 8100


  • Brand: Intel
  • CPU Model: Core i3
  • CPU Socket: LGA 1156

AMD Ryzen 5 2400G 60%

AMD Ryzen 5 2400G


  • Brand: AMD
  • CPU Model: Ryzen 5 2400G
  • CPU Socket: Socket AM4

Therefore, it is possible that the GTX 1060 will not function with all types of CPUs, which is why you should know what type of processor you can use with it. Even though it has been a while since it was released, this card is still among the most popular in its series. Additionally, during Steam Surveys, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 was mentioned a few times as the most popular GPU worldwide-isn’t that interesting?

Additionally, NVIDIA also released the GTX 1600 and its Ti counterpart, and as a result of these releases, the GTX 1060’s price has narrowed a bit. Maybe you’re thinking of buying the GTX 1060, or you already do, but your CPU isn’t contributing to your gaming experience? Well, then, you need to upgrade to a better CPU, for example, the best CPU for GTX 1060.

Quick Shopping Tips For Best CPU For GTX 1060

Everybody is asking what features we should look for in a processor before purchasing a GTX 1060. These factors should be considered and checked before buying a CPU for GTX 1060.


The current generation of CPUs can have more than one core, as we have mentioned previously. CPUs have between one and eight cores. Choosing a CPU is largely a matter of checking the model. Processors have a lot to do with the product they run. If your processor is forced to use four of its six cores out of six, you won’t be able to fully utilize its capabilities. You should get as many cores as possible from your GTX 1060.

Integrated Graphics Card

An integrated graphics card is the best thing to look for in a CPU. Make sure you check the product’s box or the manufacturer’s website for features. In case your processor does not include a GPU integrated into it, then you will need to provide a separate GPU so that you will get a good result. Whenever you are performing heavy tasks or playing games, the GTX 1060 is the best graphics card for you.


A processor’s cache is like the memory on a PC. The RAM is primarily used for temporary storage and offers a modest amount of speedy memory. Documents can be stored in a cache based on its size, as well as their retrieval speed. CPUs compatible with GTX 1060 are required to have at least 4MB of RAM.

Clock Speed

While experts recommend 3.5 GHz to 4.0 GHz as a decent clock speed for gaming, outstanding single-thread performance is more important.

It implies that your CPU works excellently for understanding and single-tasking tasks. You should also check the maximum speed of your CPU.

The processor’s high-end performance can only be seen within certain limits. If executed within the chip’s normal temperature range, the chip will function without error at or below that speed.


Computer computers are controlled by the central processing unit (CPU), which communicates with all the devices in the system as per its capabilities. Computer computers communicate using bandwidth. Also, it is an important feature to check when choosing a CPU. The descent speed for the GTX 1060 is 192GB/sec. The new processors have integrated system quality that ensures efficient handling of tasks and divides memory appropriately.

Best CPUs For GTX 1060 at a Glance:

  1. Best CPU for GTX 1060 3 GB – Intel Pentium G5400
  2. Best CPU for GTX 1060 6 GB – Intel Core i3 8100
  3. Best Overall CPU for GTX 1060 – AMD Ryzen 5 2400G
  4. Best Gaming CPU for GTX 1060 – AMD Ryzen 5 2600
  5. Best Budget CPU for GTX 1060 – AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  6. Best Premium CPU for GTX 1060 – Intel i5 8400

1. Intel Pentium G5400Intel Pentium G5400

The Intel Pentium G5400 Gold series is a less over-the-top CPU that is a good fit for GTX 1060. Let’s take a look at it now before we start our review of the best CPU for GTX 1060. The reason we categorize this CPU in a less extreme category is simply because it is not designed for high-level gaming; otherwise, it is a powerful machine. In addition, it fits perfectly with the aesthetics of the GTX 1060 and is less expensive. Most GTX 1060 owners choose this CPU because of its low price.

Intel’s Pentium G5400 CPU has four threads and two cores, just like its i3 7100 counterpart, so it has the best performance for the GTX 1060 3GB graphics card. Nonetheless, Intel improved the performance of the entire Pentium lineup by upgrading the Pentium series. As for the GTX 1060, it will offer you a buttload of frames per second for all your gamers; despite the fact that it is a quite powerful GPU compared to the CPU, this will still prove to be a good choice for those who play CPU-intensive games.

The experience will, however, be less thrilling than it would have been with a quad-core CPU. Despite everything, it is a great CPU for budget-conscious buyers. In terms of performance, the G5400 processor will offer the same fps as the i3 8100 with intensive gaming, and the i3 8100 will be the next competitor on our list of best CPUs for GTX 1060. With its 3.7 GHz base clock, the G5400 is not a turbo processor, but that shouldn’t be an issue; after all, 3.7 GHz is more than enough for most games. Intel’s Pentium processor is currently the cheapest, and playing games that demand a lot of processor power won’t bottleneck the GTX 1060 running on it.


Brand: Intel | Speed: 3.7 GHz | Socket: LGA 1151 | Cache: 4 MB | Cores: 2 | Threads: 4

  • Hyper-threading allows two cores to work simultaneously
  • Bundled coolers improve the value proposition
  • Excellent performance in lightly threaded games or work
  • Overclocking problems
  • Two cores on average
  • Graphics incorporated poorly

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2. Intel Core i3 8100Intel Core i3 8100

If you are looking for a processor that provides the features you need but is also low-priced, the Intel Core i3 8100 processor is your best bet. The Nvidia GTX 1060 is compatible with this card, and it supports almost any game, making it an affordable and high-performing option. Intel i3 8100 has no hyperthreading, making it a 4 Core processor without a doubt.

As well, the Core i3 8100 is equivalent to the previous generation i5s, which also came with 4 cores and threads, but were considerably more expensive than the i3 8100. It is for this reason that the Intel Core i3 8100 is an ideal processor for use with the GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. A higher frame rate will be achievable with this processor when playing 1080 ultra. The Intel Core i3 8100 is nearly 20% faster in various games when compared with the G5400, which is ranked on the top, and that makes a big difference between the two Intel processors.

In terms of specifications, the Intel i3 8100 is capable of handling any game, thanks to its 3.6 GHz base clock frequency and 6-MB cache memory, which maximizes the performance of the GTX 1060. In addition, the i3 8100 can only be used with a single motherboard with the H310 chipset if you wish to reduce costs. The Intel Core i3 8100 is the best CPU for GTX 1060 6 GB, because it is a better version of the Intel Pentium G5400. Compared to Intel Pentium G5400, this is also much more affordable.


Brand: Intel | Speed: 3.6 GHz | Socket: LGA 1156 | Cache: 6 MB | Cores: 4 | Threads: 4

  • A four-core processor
  • Performance and gaming in one package
  • Discounted price
  • Cool stock cooler
  • Multiplier locked
  • Hyperthreading zero

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3. AMD Ryzen 5 2400G

AMD Ryzen 5 2400G

There are still those who do not feel please with the above-mentioned CPUs and who are willing to spend a few extra dollars, so you’re in luck, buddy. AMD Ryzen 5 2400G is the best CPU for GTX 1060 in general. Moreover, it has an upgraded chip compared to the i3 8100, and proof of this can be found in multiple ways. 

Due to the AMD Ryzen 5 2400G’s GPU and CPU, most games can be played without a high-end graphics card. Alternatively, if you plan on using the 5 2400G with the GTX 1060, all aspects of performance will be addressed.

This is why you should use the GTX 1060 with the 5 2400G CPU since it is the best card for high-end gaming and performance. Furthermore, the price is just right – neither too high nor too low, which we think is great. The $150 APU is also the best available APU at this price point. There are a lot of processors released by Intel in the gaming and midrange segments that are major competitors of this processor.

AMD Ryzen 5 2400G offers 10% better performance than Intel i3 1800. Thus, the cost is not that overwhelming when you consider all the amazing features and the powerful graphics unit you’ll be getting with it. Its best feature is its ability to overclock. A reliable CPU cooler allows you to overclock the boost/base clock speeds to as high as 4.0 GHz. Using the AMD Ryzen 5 2400G, gamers can play high-quality games with 4K settings and play games at high-quality and high-resolution.


Brand: AMD | Speed: 3.9 GHz | Socket: AM4 | Cache: 4 MB | Cores: 4 | Threads:8

  • Exceptionally powerful
  • Nice graphics integration
  • This is a stunning value
  • Cost-effective
  • Only x8 PCI-E lanes are available
  • The processing performance of Intel remains superior

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4. AMD Ryzen 5 2600

AMD Ryzen 5 2600

Here’s a product that is both the best and the most affordable for a GPU like the GTX 1060 – The AMD Ryzen 5 2600. With just a boost in performance, this is one of the best AMD Ryzen processors on the market. The AMD Ryzen 2nd Gen processor is also known as the Ryzen 2nd Gen CPU; because of its increased power, it will perform much better in combination with the GTX 1060 graphics card. Additionally, the processor, which is equivalent to the i7 8700K, has 12 threads and 6 cores.

According to its specifications, the 5 2600 features a base clock speed of 3.4GHz and a boost speed of 3.9GHz, making it the best gaming CPU for GTX 1060. 

Furthermore, it can easily be overclocked to 4.0GHz, depending on the cooler you use, although it comes with a great stock AMD cooler. The Ryzen 5 2600 is excellent for productivity and gaming, since it features several cores with hyperthreading. In addition, it is difficult to determine which one is best for gaming when comparing this product to the i5.

For the NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card, AMD Ryzen 5 2600 processors work best, as they are exactly what the graphics card demands. A small upgrade is all you need with the AMD Ryzen 5 2600. But those who already own Ryzen 5 1600 processors will not upgrade by purchasing 2600, but will instead purchase 2700X processors. The Ryzen 5 2600 is, on the other hand, the best incremental upgrade you can do to your current PC processor for those of you who are considering building a new PC.


Brand: AMD | Speed: 3.9 GHz | Socket: AM4 | Cache: 16 MB | Cores: 6 | Threads: 12

  • An amazing price and performance
  • Multiple threads are supported
  • Value is improved with the bundled cooler
  • Temperatures are nice
  • Compatible with SFF PCs with low TDP
  • Limitations on all-core overclocking
  • Gaming performance is poor

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5. AMD Ryzen 5 1600

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 

There was a flood of AMD Ryzen processors on the market, providing more threads and cores at a competitive price compared to other competing Intel processors. Nonetheless, people are not likely to choose AMD Ryzen 5 1600 simply because of its price. Those who find the gtx 1060 cpu pair ideal will find that it has unlocked ratio multipliers, which are crucial to achieving Ryzen’s true potential.

It is an eight-core processor, but the quad-core component is essentially the eight-core part with a 2+2 configuration, while each cluster of four cores only contains two cores. Additionally, there is an upgrade included with each Ryzen model. This means that the Ryzen 5 1600 with the NVIDIA GTX 1060 is capable of playing 1080p games.

It is the best budget CPU for GTX 1060 because of its low price compared to others. AMD’s Ryzen 5 1600 is an AMD processor that has twelve threads and six cores and is priced to be competitive with Intel’s Kaby Lake processors. Additionally, it supports both productivity and gaming workloads. It’s one of the best.


Brand: AMD | Speed: 3.6 GHz | Socket: AM4 | Cache: 2MB | Cores: 6 | Threads: 12

  • Price is low
  • Coolers bundled together
  • The multiplier has been unlocked
  • Performance is very competitive
  • Threaded applications perform poorly
  • Overclocking of the memory is terrible

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6. Intel i5 8400

Intel i5 8400

In today’s PC market, AMD’s Ryzen processors are a major challenger to Intel. It is the best premium CPU for GTX 1060, featuring two extra cores which make it the best for gaming enthusiasts. There are six cores in the i5 8400, but there is no hyperthreading. In spite of the locked multiplier, the main differences are in thermal design, price, and clock rate.

Furthermore, the GTX 1060 is a powerful video card, and this processor is compatible with it. It can offer a huge amount of performance depending on your gaming preferences. This product can be purchased on Amazon or from your local hardware store. It is best to purchase this item online, since you will be able to compare some of the best discounts offered by Amazon, and you might even come up with a much more affordable price this way.

Core i5 8400 offers superior gaming performance, extra-competitive performance, and a six-core architecture to the entire mid-range series of processors, making it the top processor for GTX 1060. A more expensive model offers more performance in every category, but the i5 8400 easily comes out on top pound-for-pound.


Brand: Intel | Speed: 2.8 GHz | Socket: LGA 1151 | Cache: 9 MB | Cores: 6 | Threads: 12

  • A great deal
  • The CPU has six cores
  • The price is great
  • Cooler bundle
  • B-series motherboards from Zero
  • Inadequate usage
  • Multiplier locked to a ratio

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You will be able to handle your PC’s workload and operations more easily when you own a high-performance CPU. We have compiled a list of the best CPUs for GTX 1060 from a wide range of high-quality, feature-rich, and budget-friendly CPUs. Clearly, our mentioned CPUs are best suited for this graphics card, but we recommend the Intel Pentium G5400, as it is both ideal for gaming as well as the GTX 1060.


Which is the best CPU for GTX 1060 3GB?

Ryzen 2600x with six cores and 12 threads has been tested to perform best with GTX 1060 3GB, but Ryzen 2600x with six cores and 12 threads has also been tested. Approximately 140 dollars is the price.

A GTX 1060 won’t be bottlenecked by what CPU?

A GTX 1060 will not be bottlenecked by an I3 8350k or Ryzen 3 processor; however, Ryzen 2600x is the best choice.

Is the GTX 1060 capable of running at 144hz?

144Hz or 1440p are doable with a GTX 1060 and a good CPU. Low settings can also give 60 frames per second, but remember to lower your settings to get 60 frames per second.

Does the RTX 2060 outperform the GTX 1060?

Absolutely! There are 1920 shader processing units in the RTX 2060, and 1280 in the GTX 1060. When it comes to memory performance, RTX 2060 is also significantly better than GTX 1060.