Best RAM For Ryzen 5 2600 In 2024

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People need to be more attentive when buying RAMs since we all know how important a RAM is. Local companies have slipped in substandard RAM modules and people have complained and hurled slurs at them for it. Oh well! If you bought a defective RAM, rather than compromise the credibility of cheap local RAM, why don’t you choose those brands that have a reputation for delivering high-quality products? That’s why we will be discussing the best RAM for Ryzen 2600.

My decision doesn’t have anything to do with the sponsorship, but I’ve seen people being used as test subjects for marketing gimmicks. It’s not right. If people are fed with accurate and useful information, they will be able to understand their Ryzen 5 processor’s capabilities. Most of the time, systematic approaches are ignored since they are time-consuming. In any case, the best RAM for Ryzen 5 2600 guide will make sure your system achieves the desired results and functions like a charm with a premium RAM module.Check our top picks :


G.SKILL Flare X Series 60%

G.SKILL Flare X Series


  • Brand: G.Skill
  • Memory Type: DDR4
  • Memory Speed: 3200MHz

CORSAIR Vengeance LPX, 60%



  • Brand: Corsair
  • Memory Type: DDR4
  • Memory Speed: 3000MHz

G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Series 60%

G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Series


  • Brand: Intel
  • Memory Type: DDR4
  • Memory Speed: 3600MHz

Let me first inform you of a few important factors that must be considered before I even begin discussing solid and durable RAM modules. For a gaming system to be long-lasting and functional, it must pass this test. When you ignore the recommended bulletins, you will only end up poisoning yourself, which is probably not ideal. We should mention that Ryzen’s 2nd generation processors are commonly used in coding, rendering, and gaming, so an overclockable module is necessary. Don’t worry; I’ll be sure to cover all of the important points.

Now we will be reviewing the best RAM for Ryzen 5 2600 in our product review session. Let’s get started!

Quick Shopping Tips:

Frequency: In order to identify the best gaming frequency of the Ryzen 5 2600, one of its basic definitions must be taken into consideration. The majority of high-quality RAM kits have a frequency greater than 3000 MHz. Additionally, you should consider using at least 3200 MHz memory kits if you would like to maximize the performance of AMD Ryzen processors.

Compatibility: RAM kits are compatible with two types of RAM. Physical compatibility is one, and technical compatibility is the other. DDR4 RAM kits support AMD Ryzen processors. If you’re using AMD Ryzen processors, you should be able to put memory sticks into the slots with ease if you’re using DDR4 RAM kits. There will also be compatibility between chipsets, chipsets, and memory kits. Older motherboards tend not to support high-speed RAM kits like the X370, B350, and B450.

Budget: Everyone knows that money is valuable when they purchase something. While some RAM kits come at a higher price and offer better performance, other people may not take them into account when making their list. Despite being very cheap, some RAM kits perform poorly with a variety of tasks. Moreover, some RAM kits offer fantastic performance and higher storage capacity without costing as much as high-end RAM kits.

Latency: The latency of the RAM kit also has a significant impact on its performance, as the response rate of the RAM kit will increase with a rapid reduction in latency. While RAM kits often have high latency, kits offering high memory capacity usually have a very small increase in latency. It would be best if the Ryzen 5 2600 processor supports 3200 MHz and has CL16 or lower latency.

5 Best RAM For Ryzen 5 2600

  1. Best DDR4 RAM for Ryzen 5 2600 | G.SKILL Flare X Series
  2. Best 3000MHz RAM for Ryzen 5 2600 | CORSAIR Vengeance LPX
  3. Best Speed RAM for Ryzen 5 2600 | G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Series
  4. Best RGB RAM for Ryzen 5 2600 | CORSAIR Dominator Platinum
  5. Best Budget RAM for Ryzen 5 2600 | TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta

1. G.SKILL Flare X Series – Best DDR4 RAM for Ryzen 5 2600G.SKILL Flare X Series

The company has greatly improved over the past few years, making it one of the most mainstream manufacturers of RAM kits. With the upcoming DDR4 memory, G.SKILL RAM kits are now available, offering many advantages over CORSAIR kits. The G.SKILL Flare X Series is different from other RAM kits because it focuses more on performance. Although it is the best DDR4 RAM for Ryzen 5 2600, we chose it because of its low rate and high performance.

It is best to buy this stick, since AMD Ryzen 5 2600 is a budget processor, so it offers the best price/performance ratio of all listed RAM sticks, so it would make sense to buy it. The total amount of memory is 16 GB. There are two 8 GB sticks here. This memory operates at 3200 MHz, as it is a PC4-25600. When it comes to this RAM kit’s latency, it is exceedingly impressive to see CL14 as the low latency, which is the only kit on this list with this low latency. However, memory operates at 1.35V and can be modified via the motherboard if necessary.Read also 4 Best RAM for Ryzen 7 1700

However, due to the complex shapes of the heat-spreaders, the memory sticks look good regardless of the lack of lighting. Heat-spreaders ensure that the sticks won’t overheat despite their height being higher than regular sticks without them. Aside from offering high performance at a low price, G.SKILL Flare X Series RAM sticks don’t have any lighting, which compromises the aesthetics of the product a bit. Sticks with heat-spreaders, which help in cooling the sticks, still look better than regular sticks thanks to their unique appearance. RAM kits like this one are an excellent choice for those that want high performance without spending too much on memory sticks. Also, this memory is powerful enough to allow i7-7700K processors to operate.


Brand: G.Skill | Memory Type: DDR4 | Memory Speed: 3200MHz | Capacity: 16 GB | RGB: No

  • The latency is very low
  • Available at a low price
  • The cooling capacity is good
  • It’s not the most attractive kit
  • Lights not present

2. CORSAIR Vengeance LPX – Best 3000MHz RAM for Ryzen 5 2600


Gaming peripherals and internal components from Corsair have always been among the most popular among gamers. RAM kits are one of the company’s most reliable products, among a wide range of products. CORSAIR has been manufacturing RAM kits for years, and it is one of the best RAM kit manufacturers in the world. Comparing the CORSAIR Vengeance LPX to the G.SKILL FLARE X series RAM kit is quite straightforward. Unlike other more expensive kits, this RAM kit does not include any lighting, thus maintaining its simplistic look.

RAM kits on this list are prone to overheating due to their shallow heights, which is also similar to regular RAM sticks without heat-spreaders. As for specifications, the RAM kit includes two 8 GB sticks and runs at 3000 MHz, so it is a PC4-24000 memory. The result is that it is the best RAM for Ryzen 5 2600 processors that run at 3000MHz. Despite its higher latency, the kit is still considerably faster than other kits, as expected from the lower frequency of the sticks. Kits are powered by 1.35V, the same voltage as FLARE X series kits.

With a lower frequency than the other RAM kits on this list, CORSAIR Vengeance LPX is a good choice for people who are looking for the cheapest memory kit. The B350-chipset based motherboards may be able to take advantage of this memory kit, while other RAM kits are not guaranteed to function on these motherboards, especially at the advertised speeds. With respect to physical compatibility, this memory kit is ideal if you’re using a beefy cooling solution that limits RAM stick selection because of a lower RAM clearance.


Brand: Corsair | Memory Type: DDR4 | Memory Speed: 3000MHz | Capacity: 16 GB | RGB: No

  • Latency low
  • Kit height as a standard
  • A small price
  • Performance on the list was the lowest

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3. G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Series – Best Speed RAM for Ryzen 5 2600G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Series

In the list of RAM kits we have a version of G.SKILL’s Trident Z NEO Series, which is an AMD-based version of the renowned Trident Z series. A company’s flagship RAM kit for AMD systems, it offers top performance without sacrificing looks. There is a black and white theme in the RAM kit, as well as a diffused RGB lighting feature on top, which is very attractive. There is no doubt that this RAM kit is one of the most attractive in the world. Although the sticks are higher than regular sticks, they will be compatible with most air cooling solutions and will not cause clearance issues with liquid coolers.

According to specifications, it has two 8GB sticks, operates at 3600 MHz, and is a PC4-28800 kit; however, the kit has a high latency of CL18, making it the slowest kit on our list in terms of latency. With this kit, you will probably not be able to boot the memory at the advertised speeds if you are not using a motherboard with the X570 chipset, which greatly reduces its speed advantage. Alternatively, you can simply read our Best RAM For Gaming.

Voltage is 1.35V, which is the standard. The G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Series is an excellent RAM kit that appeals to high-end users. Thus, you should buy this memory kit only if you intend to use it for a long time and will update your processor and motherboard at a later date. The RAM kit’s price is quite a bit higher than the previous ones, but you would expect that given its RGB lighting. All in all, it’s the best Speed RAM for Ryzen 5 2600.


Brand: G.Skill | Memory Type: DDR4 | Memory Speed: 3600MHz | Capacity: 16 GB | RGB: Yes

  • Beauteous on the outside, but ugly on the inside
  • Extremely frequent
  • Compatibility with AMD platforms
  • Latency is high
  • It’s quite expensive

4. CORSAIR Dominator Platinum – Best RGB RAM for Ryzen 5 2600

CORSAIR Dominator PlatinumHere is another RAM kit from CORSAIR, which is their flagship product. With a unique design and exceptional performance, many gamers dream of owning a CORSAIR Dominator Platinum. When PCs were equipped with DDR3 memory, this was one of the most popular upgrades. However, it has recently been updated with RGB lighting. CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB resembles the traditional non-RGB version of the stick, which used silver colors. It is the best RAM for Ryzen 5 2600 that CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB RAM provides. Black and white options are available.

Both sides and top of the sticks are lit with RGB lighting, and the top of the sticks are written with Dominator. Overall, the presentation looks quite neat, despite the RGB lighting not being as good as the Trident Z sticks. There are two 8 GB sticks of RAM included, and the memory is a PC4-25600 chip, i.e., it runs at a frequency of 3200 MHz if your computer is compatible. Although you can adjust the motherboard settings to improve performance, the kit has a balanced latency of CL16.

If you’re a fan of CORSAIR’s products, this RAM kit should also serve you well if you would like an alternative to G.SKILL’s Trident Z Neo Series. There is a possibility that this RAM kit can also be overclocked to match the speed of the Neo Series kit, although it cannot be guaranteed. There are a lot of RAM kits out there, but this RAM kit looks better than the vast majority of them, which makes it the best RAM for Ryzen 5 2600.


Brand: Corsair | Memory Type: DDR4 | Memory Speed: 3200MHz | Capacity: 16 GB | RGB: Yes

  • Performance of great power
  • Cooling solutions that are strong
  • Looks good
  • It’s quite expensive

5. TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta – Best Budget RAM for Ryzen 5 2600


In recent years, TEAMGROUP T-Force has grown significantly and is now a highly respected manufacturer of low-cost memory kits thanks to their improvements. TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB is the best budget RAM for Ryzen 5 2600 based on price, performance, and visuals. With a diffused RGB lighting pattern on the top and either black or white color options, the TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB boasts a unique look.

Considering that this RAM kit is taller than the standard kits, you’ll want to make sure your cooling solution can clear the RAM clearance of this kit before you purchase it. RAM kit specifications state that it includes two 8 GB sticks with PC4-25600 configurations. The 3200 MHz frequency should be sufficient for most users if the system is designed to run gaming applications or other workloads. A RAM kit that has been overclocked may be able to perform better. There are no issues with the RAM kit’s CL16 balanced latency, and it operates at 1,35V of voltage. 

With the T-Force Delta RGB, you get a RAM kit that’s not only affordable, but also won’t sacrifice performance for looks. While the RGB lighting greatly enhances the look of the system, the high frequency of this kit enables users to maximize the potential of the processor. Overall, this is the best RAM for Ryzen 5 2600 in both price and performance.


Brand: TeamGroup | Memory Type: DDR4 | Memory Speed: 3000MHz | Capacity: 16 GB | RGB: Yes

  • The design is amazing
  • Value for money
  • The company is not very well known

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By changing the RAM kit on AMD Ryzen 5 2600, the performance of this processor can be greatly improved. While high-frequency RAM kits with low latency offer great performance, they cost more, and RGB lighting, usually found in the sticks, adds to the kit’s cost.

After reading our guide on how to choose the best RAM for Ryzen 5 2600 in the last section, we hope you can easily decide which RAM kit is best for your computer.


What is the best RAM for Ryzen 5 2600?

Buy at least 3000 MHz RAM for Ryzen 5 2600 with 16GB of RAM. The best RAM for Ryzen 5 2600 can be found in Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO, Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB, and G.SKILL Trident Z Neo 16GB.

What is the performance of 3200MHz RAM on Ryzen 2600?

A RAM speed of 3200 MHz is sufficient for Ryzen and will allow it to deliver steady performance.

Ryzen 2600 supports what RAM speed?

DDR4 RAM up to 64 GB is supported by Ryzen 2600 at 2933MHz. There is also the option to overclock the RAM to make it work faster, but overclocking may compromise the system’s stability.

What is the benefit of 3200MHz RAM for Ryzen?

AMD Ryzen processors require RAM with a speed of 3200 MHz. For better performance, 3600 MHz RAM is preferred as it pushes processors to the limit.