How To Clean A Motherboard – Best Ways To Clean A Motherboard

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Malfunctioning laptops can be caused by a variety of factors. The laptop motherboard, which acts as the computer’s brain, is eventually contaminated by dust that seeps into the laptop. Motherboards can be damaged by dust buildup. It is possible that these particles can corrode circuitry on the motherboard, which can result in computer slow-down or freezing. The motherboard of your laptop can be cleaned using compressed air by spraying it. While cleaning your laptop, you do need to be cautious not to damage its internal components. You can also read How Much VRAM Do I Need for Gaming

When is a Motherboard Needed to Be Cleaned? 

Many people try to protect their computers from viruses and other malware. Yet most of us don’t pay attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of the computer as much as we should.  

  • Gets rid of stains 

As time passes, dirt, dust, and grime accumulate in various parts of the computer, such as the motherboard. A dusty floor may also leave permanent stains if it is not properly cleaned.

  • Defends against corrosion  

As well as corroding and rusting the motherboard, dust can also affect various components of it. The motherboard may be permanently damaged and may perform poorly as a result. The motherboard may even cease to function if users fail to clean it properly.  

  • Financial Savings

It is possible for a motherboard to malfunction, and you may have to replace it entirely. A faulty motherboard may require frequent replacements, which means a substantial sum of money in the end. Despite the fact that cleaning the motherboard might feel like a lot of work, you will end up saving money and time in the long run.  

  • Prevents Illness From Dust Particles

The germs in the computer hardware can sometimes cause illness in the users as well. The dust particles may spread into the air when the cooling fans of the computer rotate. If someone breathes in this air for too long, dust particles can make them sick over time, especially if they have breathing problems. 

Keeping your computer’s hardware clean, especially the motherboard, every now and then will greatly improve its performance.

How Often Should You Clean Your Motherboard? 

How To Clean A MotherboardAfter discussing the purpose of cleaning a motherboard and expounding upon the steps to accomplish this, we must ask how often a motherboard is cleaned.  

Depending on how often you use the computer and where you keep it, you may need to clean the motherboard. Dust accumulates over the motherboard when the CPU is in a cabinet or corner of a computer table. As a result, dust will build up much faster on the surface of the motherboard if it’s outside. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the motherboard regularly.  

If you use the computer frequently and for an extended period, it would be necessary to clean the motherboard more frequently than if you don’t use your computer as often. While your motherboard requires the same level of maintenance as other PC parts, its performance is heavily dependent on its efficiency.

What methods are used mostly to Clean Motherboard? 

  1. Using an Air Blower or Compressed Air
  2. With Isopropyl Alcohol
  3. By Employing Thinner Solvent
  4. Using a Cleaning Spray
  5. With a Hand Vacuum

1. How To Clean Motherboard Using Compressed Air?

Compressed air or a blower are the safest ways to clean your motherboard. You may have to work a little longer to do it this way, but the results will be well worth it. A keyboard cleaner or an air blower can be bought at any large box store. Compressing air this way does not heat it.

If you want to examine the motherboard, shut down your computer completely and disassemble it. Dust and dirt can be removed with compressed air. The particles that are hard to remove may require extra effort.

Using a soft brush will work if just air doesn’t work for you. Brush as gently as possible to loosen dust particles. After they have been completely removed, use compressed air once more. To eliminate everything completely, you may have to repeat the process several times.

2. How To Clean Motherboard Using Isopropyl Alcohol?

You might not be able to effectively clean a dusty motherboard with compressed air. These stubborn areas must be dealt with by using isopropyl alcohol to clean the motherboard.

It’s important for you to know that using liquid on your motherboard is a delicate process, so be careful to ensure you do not damage your computer.

Ensure that the isopropyl alcohol you are using is at least 90% pure, and at most 99% pure. As a result, they will break down stains. Furthermore, they are both nonconductive and they will dry fast enough that you will not be damaged during the drying process.

You should read all of the steps carefully before proceeding with this delicate issue.

3. How to Clean a Motherboard With Alcohol?

Before you begin the cleaning process, the computer’s motherboard must be removed. In order to do this, turn off your computer. Also, turn off the electrical connection so there is no danger of electrical shock. 

By removing the screws, the motherboard will be separated from the CPU. After removing the motherboard, lay it flat to prevent damage. As a result, it is highly recommended to use a tray, since excessive alcohol is also caught during the cleaning process. 

You can remove dust from the motherboard using compressed air blown by a vacuum. As another alternative, you can use a brush to get into the motherboard’s corners and crevices. 

Then, pour a thin layer of alcohol over the surface once dust has been removed. It is also possible to clean motherboards with alcohol as well as soak them in it. Immediately after doing so, you will start sloughing off and dissolving the stains. The motherboard can be rubbed gently while dipping it in alcohol if the stains are too stubborn. With a cloth and alcohol, you can dissolve tough stains on your motherboard. Dipping the motherboard may take up to several minutes, depending on how dark the stain is. 

Before reinstalling the motherboard in the PC, let it dry completely after cleaning. 

4. How to Clean a Motherboard With Thinner? 

The process of cleaning a motherboard with a thinner is similar to using alcohol. The first step is to remove the motherboard. As well as removing the CPU lid, you must also unscrew the motherboard.  

Using a cloth, wipe dust off the motherboard surface. By removing dust, the sticky stains will be visible beneath the cloth. If you want to, you can try removing the tough stains with a cloth, but be careful not to overdo it.  

Alcohol is the primary component of the thinner, making it a great solvent. The result is that the tough stains are easily dissolved and removed. Small stains can be removed gently with a Q-tip dipped in thinner. If you are cleaning a very dirty motherboard, you should use thinner. The motherboard can also be dipped in thinner for about five minutes if the stains fail to disappear completely.  

You can reach more difficult areas when cleaning a motherboard that has been dipped. When the motherboard has been dipped in the thinner, dry it with a cloth. Do not overuse thinner. Dry it on a dry surface.  You must completely dry the motherboard before reinstalling it in the computer.

5. How to Clean a Motherboard With Cleaning Spray? 

Remove the CPU side cover and the power supply from the PC. You can view the motherboard once you remove the cover. Using screwdrivers, remove the motherboard from the PC. 

Using compressed air, remove the dust from the surface of the motherboard after removing it from the CPU. Additionally, you can use compressed air and a brush to remove dirt from the crevices and thin areas of the motherboard.  

You can then spray a cleaning spray on the stain after you have removed it. Most cleaning sprays have a long, narrow hose-like extension that allows you to reach the corners easily. 

Spraying will dissolve the stains once they are applied. To remove stains from surfaces that do not leave them completely, use a Q-tip or a cloth to gently wipe them off.  As soon as you’ve removed the stains, make sure the motherboard is dry, and install it again. Moreover, you can get help from this video provided below:

YouTube video

Keep these things in mind

  • Make sure to clean your motherboard once a year.
  • You should consult the manufacturer if the motherboard is still under warranty. When you use isopropyl alcohol to clean yourself, the warranty could be voided. Ask for their help for the cleaning process.
  • Power off and shut down the computer completely before cleaning it.
  • Clean the motherboard with 99% isopropyl alcohol.
  • Before powering on the computer again, let the motherboard completely dry.
  • When in doubt, seek professional help to clean a motherboard.

It is important to keep your motherboard clean regularly to ensure that it is in good condition. You can also get more details on quora. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to use sanitizer on the motherboard?

You should clean your motherboard with 99% isopropyl alcohol every time you use it. Allow the motherboard to dry completely before turning the computer back on if you have cleaned it. The board must be carefully cleaned by all computer enthusiasts.

  • How safe is it to use 91 isopropyl alcohol on a motherboard?

IPA 99% is a safe and effective way for consumers to clean electronic devices and computers. The purest IPA is best, but IPA 91% may also work. Cleaning electronics or computers with IPA 99% requires caution

  • Why does the pop off motherboard need to be cleaned?

I recommend heavily using Q-Tips when cleaning the motherboard with 90% isopropyl alcohol. Apply alcohol to the q-tips and gently wipe the board

  • What is the best way to clean a motherboard without compressed air?

Using an alcohol-soaked cotton swab, gently clean the fan blades. Once the dust has been removed from the backplate, wipe it with a soft cloth. Those who don’t have a backplate should be very gentle when cleaning the board to avoid causing any damage to it.

  • Is vinegar good for cleaning motherboards?

You can remove the motherboard after soaking it in vinegar for a few hours. The motherboard should be rinsed with water. Make sure the surface is dry before starting.


Maintaining your computer does not have to be done every day. However, it needs to be done on time. Through the air, pollutants get into the computer’s motherboards.

In educational facilities and workplaces alike, any technology department will often have airtight, air-conditioned rooms. As well as preventing overheating, it prevents dirt from getting into the motherboard.

Regardless of how often you need to clean your PC, knowing how to clean motherboards is vital.


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