NZXT S340 VS S340 Elite

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Many people compare the NZXT S340 VS S340 Elite in comparison to some of the other popular cases on the market today.

NZXT offers two versions of its intriguing case, the S340 standard and S340 Elite, an advanced version. Both are manufactured by the same company, but are they the same? The word “elite” was added, but is there more to it? These two NZXT models differ greatly from one another and therefore there is a lot to know about them. It is no secret that both of these NZXT cases have notable features, but if you’re really looking for a clear answer, then keep reading.

Even years after its release, the S340 is still a popular kid since its design makes up for almost everything. Also in 2016, the S340 Elite was released, a more advanced model that included many interior and exterior modifications. The S340 Elite was also more expensive. Once you read this article, you will know which NZXT casing is best for you, and any assumptions you had about the S340 or S340 will disappear.

Features of NZXT S340 vs S340 Elite

NZXT S340 and S340 both have the following features:

  • Neither the NZXT S340 nor the S340 Elite differ in size.
  • There is a large transparent panel on the side of both of these models.
  • A 280mm radiator can be mounted on the front of the S340 and S340 Elite, respectively.
  • Two 120mm fans are included in each of these models, one at the top and one at the bottom.
  • Two hard drive outlets are included in the PSU cover of the models.
  • The S340 Elite and S340 are similar in that both offer the same plain and simple design.
  • Shields for cable management can be used to secure or hide cables.

NZXT S340 Good Points

NZXT S340 Elite ATX Mid Tower

  • NZXT S340 elite is $20 more expensive than S340, but S340 is $20 less expensive than S340.
  • The NZXT NZXT S340 comes in six beautiful colors.
  • Razer themes are available for the NZXT S340.
  • The new version – NZXT S340 Elite – is just about one kilogram lighter.

NZXT S340 Elite Good PointsNZXT Source S340 White

  • In addition to its stylish design, the NZXT S340 Elite has a scratch resistant tempered glass panel for enhanced durability.
  • Magnetic pucks are built into the headset, and they can be attached anywhere on it.
  • Near the front of PSU cover is an additional slot for SSD.
  • The cable straps allow cables to be tied together easily.
  • Unlike the actual standard, the top of the device has four USB ports.
  • There is an HDMI port on the top that enables easy VR access.

Exterior Differences of NZXT S340 VS S340 Elite

The classic NZXT S340 has a plastic side, while the elite version has tempered glass. On the NZXT S340 elite, tempered glass protects the entire side panel from two negative aspects: first, fingerprints can easily be picked up on it. In addition, the chassis comes with only four screws. In that case, the NZXT S340 standard version would be a better choice if you plan to stack all of them together.

Blue accents adorn the interior and top of the NZXT S340. NZXT, however, does not offer this design on their S340 elite. Changing the two may change the blue, but it will not make any difference. They both have high feet, whether they are standing or walking. Also, the PSU and fans have some extra room to circulate air. 

NZXT’s S340 and S340 elite both have this advantage. 

The NZXT S340 elite has an HDMI port on the top in addition to its impressive top, enabling cables to pass through the case easily. Aside from that, it also features two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports.

NZXT’s Non-elite model, however, does not feature more than two 2.0 USB ports. The exterior element of the S340 elite and the S340 has the same design, the VR puck. It is used to play virtual reality games. Virtual reality pucks, on the other hand, are only useful for gamers and not for users who want to maximize their productivity. Both sides benefit from this.

Interior Differences of NZXT S340 VS S340 Elite

NZXT S340 Elite is the winner in regards to its interior, when compared to the S340. It’s more reliable even with small modifications than the standard model. NZXT’s S340 and the S340 are very similar from the outside, but their interiors are vastly superior. Although the interiors appear similar from the outside, a blue accent is visible all the way down to the SSD port. NZXT S340 elite’s glass side is autonomous. In that respect, this is the kind of maneuver you display to impress.

The NZXT S340 motherboard does not feature long cables, so only a portion of the front panel audio cable reaches the corner position. In contrast, the NZXT S340 elite comes with lengthy cables and the motherboard and front panel connection cable are not problematic. NZXT S340 elite and S340 differ primarily in their interior tie-downs. A tiny latching cable arrangement ring replaces zip ties in the elite model. Compared to the elite, the NZXT S340 offers great cable management and is easy to handle. The primary reason for its popularity is that it is widely preferred.

In terms of storage, the biggest difference is that the NZXT S340 Elite, unlike its standard counterpart, has three slots for 2.5″ SSDs rather than the usual two. A slot for 2.5″ SSDs is located on the top of the unit. Obviously, this is part of the display. Any device can be installed here. With regard to storage, the NZXT S340 Elite wins. Moreover, both the NZXT S340 and the NZXT S340 elite are equipped with two + one internal 3.5″ ports so they can handle anything you throw at them. The NAS has support for 3.5″ drives. You can manage and handle the non-used PSU cables this way. also, check Best Motherboard For NAS

Interiors vs. Exteriors

In terms of both its interior and exterior, the NZXT S340 Elite is the best. NZXT S340 comes with a long cable that is arranged correctly, which is one of the good points of the device since everything is in order both inside and outside.

NZXT S340 vs S340 Elite: what’s the difference?

In comparison with the previous model, the NZXT S340 Elite costs just twenty dollars more. The new model has great upgrades from the previous model, including tempered glass panel, additional SSD bay, and magnetic puck. In light of this, the NZXT S340 elite is the best choice for those who believe “new is always better.” On the other hand, for those on a tight budget, the standard S340 version could be a more appropriate choice.

Practically speaking, the tempered glass panels of these two models are a significant advancement, as an average window panel will eventually get scratched no matter how hard you clean it. This will eventually wear out the casing, making it look bad overall.

Conclusion [NZXT S340 VS S340 Elite]

The NZXT S340 Elite, at just $90, is the most affordable option because it follows the trend and offers a plain, neat design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fan included with the NZXT S340 Elite?

In addition to the 120mm fans, the NZXT S340 comes with two fans. Both are located on top and on the bottom of the motherboard. On the front of the case are two 140mm and two 129mm fans.

How does the S340 Elite compare with other laptops?

In my opinion, NZXT S340 Elite is the best mid-sized tower case with enough room to build a PC with average components while providing good airflow.

The NZXT S340 is what size?

The NZXT S340 tower measures 17.5 in in height and 17 in in length, which makes it a mid-sized tower

S340 Elite can I use Kraken X62?

There is no need to remove the cable management bar on the S340 Elite’s front to mount Kraken X62, X61 and X41.