How To Fix Avast Service High CPU Usage?

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Antivirus software such as Avast is available. Among the most popular antivirus products is Avast. Some users have experienced an issue with avast service high cpu usage recently, which is extremely irritating.

What causes Avast high CPU usage? There are many reasons. With Avast, you can perform real-time services such as background scans, virus scans, computer cleanups, etc. This can be very taxing on the CPU. As a result, you may experience the Avast service high CPU issue.

How to solve Avast Service High CPU Usage issue? No worries. There are some reliable methods in this post. The solutions provided in this post can be used to fix Avast service high CPU Windows 10 problem immediately.

Many antivirus programs are available for free, such as Avast. However, its resource demands are similar to those of other antivirus software. This article will explain what causes Avast Service High CPU Usage and how to resolve the issue.

What Causes Avast Service High CPU Usage?

Applications such as antiviruses consume a lot of resources. The Avast service provides a variety of operations, such as full virus scanning, malware cleanup, and background scanning. In spite of the fact that these processes are extremely useful, they consume large amounts of resources. check guide of Best CPUs For RTX 2070

In the event that your CPU slows down, you may notice that avastsvc.exe is eating up CPU resources and/or ntoskrnl.exe is consuming large amounts of RAM. An incorrectly configured system setting, or some irregular entries in the Windows Registry can cause Avast to consume more than the allocated CPU.

Fix Avast Service High CPU Usage

Using these X methods, I will explain how to fix the Avast service high CPU usage problems.

1. FIX 1 (Reinstall Avast Cleanup)

Avast antivirus provides real-time threat protection through Avast Cleanup, which idles some resources allocated by other background apps in order to protect your computer from threats in real-time. You will see a spike in CPU usage over a period of time when real-time applications are running.

It is possible to resolve this issue by simply uninstalling any unnecessary real-time components.

  1. Launch the Avast GUI by clicking the notification icon in the system tray.
  2. Visit the Settings page.
  3. Protect yourself by clicking here
  4. You will find real-time shields listed under the Core Shields section.Avast Service High CPU Usage
  5. You can uninstall the shields you don’t want by selecting them from the drop-down menu on the right arrow.
  6. Reboot your computer.

To confirm the drop in CPU usage, go to task manager.

There is also a possibility that Avast behavior shield is to blame. Delete the Avast behavior shield process if CPU usage has decreased. Reinstall it if the issue persists. It should remain low from now on.Avast Service High CPU Usage

The CPU load can be reduced by changing the scan frequency if this does not fix your issue.

2. FIX 2 (Change of Scan Frequency)

As mentioned previously, Avast performs background scans to prevent an infection. There might be a spike in CPU usage due to Avast service performing a background check.

From the command prompt, you can change the scan frequency. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open a command prompt with elevated privileges. Ctrl + Shift + Enter will open the terminal with administrative privileges by opening the Run dialogue with Win + R.
  2. Type the following command into the Avast folder and press Enter: cd C:/ProgramData/AVAST Software/Avast to get to the Avast folder:Avast Service High CPU Usage
  3. Change the scan frequency by inserting the following command into the ini file: [GrimeFighter] : ScanFrequency=999
  4. Restart your computer after saving the file.

The background checks will cease and only be conducted once in a while. There is a potential for some security concerns, but at least the CPU load will decrease.

3. FIX 3 (Disable Avast Screensaver Scanner)

It is sometimes possible for Avast screensavers to continue scanning even after they have been stopped. CPU load increases for no reason when this occurs, but it doesn’t happen all that often.

Due to the non-appearance of the scan in Avast’s interface, here is how to overcome this problem:

  1. When you right-click a file on your computer, choose Scan with Avast from the context menu.
  2. There will be a list of scans already running on your computer and a scan result window will appear.
  3. Simply click on the Stop button right next to the Avast screensaver scan.
  4. Check if the CPU usage has returned to normal after exiting the window.

Getting your Avast client updated and repaired will solve the problem if this does not work.

4. FIX 4 (Update the Avast software)

It is possible that your CPU load will increase dramatically if you have outdated software as the old versions become unresponsive. The virus definitions and antivirus software should be updated regularly.

Software and definitions should be updated as follows:

  1. From the notification tray icon, open the Avast GUI.
  2. In the Update tab, you will find the current version of the antivirus software as well as the virus definitions.
  3. You can update both pending updates by clicking the Update button.Avast Service High CPU Usage

The issue of the Avast service using high CPU and other resources has been resolved for many users after updating their antivirus client software and virus definitions.

You may need to reset your software if updating does not resolve the problem.

5. FIX 5 (Restart Avast)

You may have some broken data files causing the high CPU usage if updating your software didn’t work, or if you’re already on the most recent version. Software repair can resolve this issue.

Follow these steps to repair client software:

  1. Go to the Control Panel. Select the Programs tab. Alternatively, you can open the WinX menu by pressing Win + X and clicking Apps & Features.
  2. Click on Uninstall/change to uninstall Avast from your list of installed applications.
  3. Change the settings by clicking on Change.Avast Service High CPU Usage
  4. Choose Repair.
  5. The client software will be repaired once Avast has modified the data files.
  6. Restart your PC if the error still occurs.


Despite Avast’s popularity, some people may find it frustrating that it consumes so much CPU power. Now that you know how to fix Avast Service High CPU Usage, you can use any of these five solutions. Let us know in the comments which solution worked for you.

If you perform a fresh installation, all corrupt files will be removed and you will not have to worry about your computer overheating.