Xbox One Power Brick Orange Light: How To Fix (2024)

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As one of my primary hobbies, We enjoy spending time with friends and unwinding after a long workweek.

Even though We have a gaming PC and an Xbox One, We generally play Xbox One games because they are less competitive than PC games.

When my Xbox failed to turn on over the weekend, We was prepared to play another gaming session.

We checked the console’s power brick after the TV said it had no signal.

The orange light flashing on the power supply, which is normally white, surprised us.

When we turned it on, it usually went orange before going white; this time, it stayed orange and flashed.

We visited Microsoft’s support site to learn more about what was wrong with the Xbox.

It was pretty easy to find a fix for this issue after reading the user forums, so We would recommend trying it out.

With this guide, we have compiled all the information we found to make it easier for you to get back to gaming on your Xbox One. check our guide of Best 600W Power Supply

Your Xbox One power brick will show an orange light if it has a problem with its power supply. The problem can be resolved by power cycling the console or resetting the power supply.

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Continue reading to learn how to reset your power supply and where you can purchase third party replacement bricks.

How Does The Orange Light On The Xbox Power Brick Work?

The original Xbox One had a bulky external power supply that made it difficult for the console to draw power from your wall.

A status light had been added to it by Microsoft to make troubleshooting easier in case of power supply problems.

You may see the orange light if your power supply is having trouble supplying the console with sufficient power.

To avoid having to send the console in for repair, Microsoft has provided some troubleshooting steps you can try.

Does the light flash or is it steady?

There are two kinds of orange status lights on the power supply.

As the console boots up, an orange light will shine and it will turn white as it completes booting.

The console will display a steady orange light if it is powered off, which means there is no longer a need to run the console, and the power supply has switched to power-saving mode.

The power supply brick will also flash orange if an error occurs or if it does not function properly.

You will have to troubleshoot this light if you see it on the brick.

Restart the console

When you run into problems with your power supply brick, Microsoft recommends power cycling your console.

You might be able to soft reset the power supply this way, which might fix your problem.

Power cycling the console is as follows:

  1. Disconnect the power cable from your console that connects to your wall adapter or surge protector.
  2. Before plugging the cable back in, wait at least 15-20 seconds.

Check whether the orange light flashes again after you reconnect the power cable.

Be aware of power fluctuations

Since your expensive console is being protected from power fluctuations by the power brick, no power can pass through if your main supply is down.

The only way to get your power back to normal is to contact your utility company if you are experiencing power fluctuations.

It may also be a good idea to unplug all electrical devices that consume a lot of power.

If there are major power issues, check the lights in your house to see if they are flickering or going out.

You need to reset the power supply

If you’ve been experiencing issues with your console’s power brick, you can reset your console’s power supply by choosing the Reset button on the console’s menu.

Resetting the power supply:

  1. Disconnect the power cables that connect the console to the wall outlet and the power cable connecting the console to the console.
  2. Please wait 10 seconds. Resetting the power supply requires this time.
  3. Wait until the power cable is connected to the wall outlet before plugging in the console’s power.
  4. To check if the LED light is on, follow these steps:
    1. The power cable must be connected to the console and it must be turned on if it is on. Continue to step 2 if the console is not turning on.
    2. Your power supply needs to be replaced if it is off.

Ideally, the orange light on the power supply should turn white after you reset it, but if it does not, you might want to replace it.

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Power supply should be replaced

Xbox One power bricks for the first-generation Xbox One are not available since Microsoft does not manufacture them anymore.

Ponkor Power Supplies, for example, can run cooler and quieter than the Xbox One’s original power supply.

Check the issue after using one of these power bricks instead of the old one.

Support is available

It is likely that something is wrong with the console itself if you have tried replacing the power brick.

Microsoft Xbox support would be a good place to start at that point.

It is still possible to get support and repairs from Microsoft, even though they no longer manufacture the first-gen Xbox. However, any repairs that need to be done must be done outside of warranty.

Final Thoughts

Many forums are reporting that once the console is turned on, it turns off after a few minutes with the power brick turning orange.

Power cycling the console is the only way to fix this issue, either through the Power Center or via the guide.

Using the Power Center, you can power cycle your console:

  1. You can open the Power Center by pressing the Xbox button and holding it.
  2. Restart the console by choosing Restart.

The following steps will guide you through power cycling your console:

  1. Your Xbox controller should display the guide when you press the Xbox button.
  2. In the Profile & System menu, go to Settings > General > Power mode & startup.
  3. Restart now by choosing Restart.

The orange light should appear again if you restart this way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of turning an Xbox One on without a brick?

Because the console only works with a lower voltage than mains power, it can’t be turned on without its power brick.

It is possible for a voltage to start a fire or damage your console if it is not stepped down. It is the power supply that makes your console able to handle the voltage.

Is there a fan on the Xbox one power brick?

There is a fan on the Xbox One power brick for cooling it when it gets hot.

Is it possible to use the PS4 power cable with an Xbox One S?

Both PS4 and Xbox One S use C7 standard power cables, so you can use them with a PS4 power cable.

Are there any risks associated with hard resetting your Xbox One?

Your PlayStation console won’t be damaged by a hard reset; besides, resetting the console once a month is always recommended to resolve any issues that might not have occurred yet.